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Oculus Autem Dei

Oculus Autem Dei

SKU: 5262130


We call piece Oculus Autem Dei.  We have not had a piece like this that I can recall.  If we have ever had a piece like this I do not remember it.  This piece was created with ancient magic that was found during one of my astral trips to Heaven.  It doesn't contain some earth-shattering magic, but the power that it does contain is pretty groundbreaking from a human standpoint.  

The piece that I'm giving is called Oculus Autem Dei, in other words, the Eye of God.  Yes, we have offered Eye of God pieces before, but most definitely not one like this.  When you are wearing this piece, or even just carrying it in your pocket, you will receive the ability to look upon upon a person with the discerning eyes of God.  

In an instant you will be able to look at someobdy and look into their soul.  You will be able to see their soul.  You'll be able to see all of their lifecycles, you will be able to know their secrets, their magic, ther truths, their actions, their intentions and everything else you could possible want to know about a person.  The best part?  They won't even know you know.
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