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Omma-Musha Original Jade Relic

Omma-Musha Original Jade Relic

SKU: 11272114


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All $38.00 pieces from all websites are items that can be replaced. If you are seeing an item, but it is out of stock you can simply email and request a duplicate. Likewise, you may not always be receiving what the picture shows. The piece will always hold the exact same powers, though, so you don't have to worry about that. If emailing for a replacement piece, please be sure to specify what type of jewelry you like and we will try our best to get you that. Again, when you purchase a $38.00 item, you may not always get what you see pictured, but it will always hold the same power. These are Carnival of Caveness, $38.00 items.

This piece is very old.  We don't know exactly how old it is, but it is definitely old enough to be considered an antique and even older than that.  This piece was secured in the vault that only the top advisors to the Chinese government had access to.  Of course, all that has changed now, most likely by the hands of the Red and Green Society.  

I'm not going to get into the rich history of the Red and Green Society, except to say the following.  They are currently volleying for power with the Illuminati, I guess domination of 1/2 of the known world just wasn't enough for either group.  Also, while the Red and Green Society is technically a Chinese society, it has Japanese influence, which is important to what else I"m about to tell you.

If you don't know a whole bunch about Tomoe Guzen, now would be a good time to stop and look her up.  In a nutshell, she was what was known as an Onna=musha, which were female equivalents of Samurai.  They held an extremely important role in Feudal Japan.  Amaterasu gave Tomoe a very powerful ability.  Amaterasu is the chief goddess of the Japanese pantheon and goddess of the sun among other things.  She can grant any gift she wants to those who deserve them.  In the case of Tomoe, she saw that her heart was pure and she was a great warrior.  

Amaterasu gifted Tomoe the ability to summon any god or goddess she wanted, but it came in a very special way.  When she used the piece that Amaterasu gave her she would become possessed by the god or goddess that she was conjuring.  Thus, she would assume full control over their powers.  She could use them in battle or she could use them for whatever purpose she chose. The flood gates would open and Tomoe would find herself able to summon any type of power or ability she wanted.  This included various types of knowledge and wisdom.  

The piece that was given to TOmoe was a jade amulet.  This amulet remained with Tomoe until her death and after.  It wasn't until the 1600s that a Chinese warrior was able to infiltrate and steal this piece away from its secret, hidden location where Tomoe had been buried.  It was then taken back to China where it was used for the same purpose.  

You see how that has gone.  China has gone on to surpass everything single country on Earth as the world's dominant superpower.  In part, this is thanks to the magic that was given to Tomoe from Amaterasu.  It is also thanks to the fact the Red and Green Society was able to steal this piece away from its resting spot.  

The amulet was eventually shaped and used to make this piece, which is dark jade and sterling silver.  It is also very old, as I have told you before.  In ancient times, the gift presented to Tomoe was exclusive to the Japanese Pantheon.  Presently, the magic has been modified to include any deity, no matter what pantheon they come from.  This is a huge deal.  There are so many gods and goddesses that have been written about.  They all come with their own set of power, magic, experiences, wisdom, and fates.  

With this piece, you will be able to invite these gods and goddesses into your body.  Their presence will become part of yours.  YOu will know their stories, their magic, their powers, their knowledge.  YOu will manifest it into your subconscious and into your life.  Essentially, with this piece, anything you want is at your fingertips.   You merely have to summon the right deity to acquire what you seek.  
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