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One Armed Commando!

One Armed Commando!

SKU: 362349


This is sliver but I’m not sure of how much or the content, 925,800 etc. There is real

Abalone shell on both sides and while the design makes it unusual, the power is much better!

This is Arm Commando! But, what does this command? Oh, people! This is your answer if you LOVE Djinn! Pick your type and call it. There are no restrictions on the type you can call. Call them and give your instructions or wishes, situations or whatever you seek. This is a dual piece because no one can stop you from calling the type you want. This has been tested and while all testers were told not to call on the darker one’s, one did. They were fine and the wish they wanted was granted. My suggestion is to use this with the good ones. This was made be easy for you to call any type of Djinn. This item did come from the UA.

To use, wear on your arm, it will fit anyone. Call the type of Djinn you want and wait one minute and then command it.

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