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One Piece From The Auction

One Piece From The Auction

SKU: Special Box from auction

This is one piece from he underground auction picked for you. Please specify for a male or female. Most of this is costume but some is in sterling and old. They are in bags already. While most is costume it doesn’t take away from the pieces ability at all! It’s just costume. Some of these pieces can be transferred to others can’t. If you want a transferable piece, place it in your notes. These items coming from the underground auction with what they do vary in price from 70 to 500. The average piece being about 120.00. All of the pieces are extremely powerful in what they do, no matter what it is. The types of pieces are as follows.

Dual magic, dark magic, white magic, shifting,transitions,ancient Moores magic, Pyramid magic, Kelsey Dupre and excellent warlock, and a ton more. Whatever you get will be unusual. I will keep this listing up until Tuesday.

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