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Orgasmo the Sex Sorcerer

Orgasmo the Sex Sorcerer

SKU: 972111


This piece is a vintage pendant with goldstone and black onyx. It was worn for a long time by a sex sorcerer who goes by the name Orgasmo. Let me tell you a little bit bout Orgasmo. He provides mind-blowing orgasms for anyone.

If you are a female in search of somebody who knows what they are doing, Orgasmo will come to you in spirit form to have sex with you in that way if you want to. If not, he will impart the ability to turn your quivering cavern into a pit of pleasure.

You will be able to feel 1,000x the pleasure as whatever you are using slips and slides over your special spots over and over again. There are thousands of nerve endings down there, each that will deliver bursts of ecstasy through your entire body as they are stimulated.

There are about half as many stimulators on a man's disco stick as there are on his female counterpart. However, if you've ever wanted to feel what is like to have multiple orgasms this is the piece. Most men can only go once. This piece will keep you harder, longer, allowing you to pound deeper and harder into the baby maker. You will be able to experience the sensations of pure pleasure over and over again, allowing you to erupt like Mount Saint Helen.


The best part about this piece is that the sexual energy will allow you to open astral doorways through which you will be able to summon whatever kind of magic you need The power in this piece was adapted from an ancient Sumerian sex ritual where the gods would sleep with the mortals to give them their powers.

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