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Ouroboric Fuure Lifecycle Programmingg

Ouroboric Fuure Lifecycle Programmingg

SKU: 8132125


This ring has an absolutely gorgeous stone and is made with sterling silver.  

This piece holds the powers of the Ouroboros, but in a different way than you've ever experienced.  We have often offered the powers of the Ouroboros to help you with past life regression and to call all your past lives together.  Don't get me wrong, this piece will allow you to do that, but it takes this magic a step further!

This piece holds a magic that will allow you to create a cache of lives that you want to cycle into.  You can think of this sort of like "next life" magic.  Once you leave this body, you inevitably recycle into a new life.  Why not control what you become?  That's what we're talking about and that's what this piece allows you to do.  You will connect with the Ouroboros with this piece and then mentally project your future lifecycle desires.  You can choose anything-- a vampire, a sorcerer, a very wealthy person, a powerful ruler, whatever you want to become.  

it's sad that i have to say this-- but if you pass away due to self-inflicted harm, the magic in this piece will be null and void and you will get what you get.  I'm only bringing it up, because I know there will be somebody out there who will ask because they are unhappy with their current life circumstances.  
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