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Own Your Own Throne (Angelic Being)

Own Your Own Throne (Angelic Being)

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When we do write-ups about the items that allow you to travel to Heaven, many times we talk about a certain type of angel that is known as a Throne.  We haven't really gone into great detail as to what the Thrones are or what purpose they serve in the greater angelic hierarchy.  This is all about to change right now.  

The Throne angels are very specific types of angels.  They are God's mobility angels.  To fully understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to completely forget the image that you have in your head of white-robed angels with wings.  Do some angels appear that way?  Sure.  However, there are many different types of angels.  They are living creatures that are created by God's own mind, which is infinite and all-knowing.  

Thrones are angels that are like chariots.  They are creatures that are driven by Cherubs in Heaven.  They will transport the angels to Earth during the Omega War.  This is because they are super fast interdimensional travelers and have the ability to carry not only themselves but multitudes of other souls, spirits, etc. with them when they travel. For this reason, they are often depicted (and even shown to humans during prophecy) as gigantic wheels.  

However, do not be fooled.  Thrones are fluid creatures and they do not hold a single form or identity.  In fact, they can take many forms.  In the Bible, it is written that God rests upon the Thrones.  As in, these angelic beings actually take the form of God's Throne.  They serve Him so he has a place to rest.  It is no wonder then, that these are the most personal and intimate of God's own angels.  

The Thrones also fly around God's Throne (the one he sits on) and they have taken many different forms.  There are two white light hounds that flank the throne of God.  They are also thrones.  They have millions of eyes and they can see in an infinite amount of directions and they have the ability to carry the presence of God.  They become his eyes when there are places that he needs to see.  He relies on them heavily for their services.  They are messengers.  He sends them out with divine prophecy.  He authorizes them to create His miracles.  They are very powerful angels.  

This piece has been made with gold from the Garden of Eden.  It has been made into 10K white gold once it was transported back to Earth.  Eden Gold is gold that is found around the gates of the Garden.  It is very powerful and holds the essence of the entire Garden.  In this case, the magic of the Eden Gold has been used to create a fetish piece that summons forth the presence of Argammon who is a very powerful Throne of God-- this time we are talking about the angel, not the chair.  

When you own this piece you also get the presence of Argammon.  He has the full authority of God.  There are so many things that he is going to do for you that I am just going to start listing them for you.  He is exceptionally powerful and owning an angel of this magnitude is very, very rare.  For beginners, this angel will allow you to see any part of the universe that you want to see.  It doesn't matter how far away it is or what part of the universe it is, Argammon will allow you to see it.  It will be as if you are a fly on the wall noticing what is going on.  

Having said that Argammon will also allow you to travel the astral realms in angelic form.  This will give you authority over many entities that would have just brushed you aside before.  It will allow you to travel to places that you would not have been allowed before-- as in ultra-white light place such as the realm of the Ascended Masters.  It's not that you are receiving any type of transformation, you will just be traveling with the authority of Argammon, who carries the authority of God.

Other than what I've just told you there are other things that Argammon will do for you and they are listed below:  

1.) Spiritual Purification/Cleansing
2.) Healing
3.) Chakra Opening and Removal
4.) White Light Psychic Awakening
5.) White Light Psychic Connection to Heaven
6.) Angelic Command and Communication
7.) Spiritual Communication
8.) Divine Prophecy/Revelations
9.) The ability to see through the Eyes of God
10.) The ability Create Miracles
11.) The ability to nullify evil and evil entities.
12.) The ability to travel to and from Heaven as you please
13.) The ability to create parts of your own destiny
14.) Psychic connection to the Ark of the Covenant
15.) Psychic connection to the Holy Grail
16.) The Receival of God's Benedictions
17.) The ability to "fly" above the Throne of God, to feel his presence, and to know his power
18.)  Communion with the Saints
19.)  The ability to read the Stars and the signs that God has set into them.
20.)  Divine Protection.  
21.)  Many, many more

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