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Padre Pio the DIvine

Padre Pio the DIvine

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This piece is a Padre Pio relic piece.  It holds the presence of Padre Pio and calls him to you.  He is the patron saint of several different things including civil defense workers, adolescents, and stress relief.  Moreover, when he was alive he was a stigmatist who received the stigmata of Christ. He received and maintained, for a period of time, wounds on his hands, his feet, and his side just as Jesus Christ did when he hung on the cross.  

A catholic priest sent to investigate his claims reported that the stigmata were likely self-inflicted and maintained.  The thing is that the Vatican put out a gag order on this man because it had been a while since a person at the top had legitimately received the stigmata and they want Padre Pio to gain too many followers. They do things like this all the time.  The fact is though that Padre Pio did receive the stigmata and invited Jesus Christ into his body.  

When you wear this piece you will receive the protection of Padre Pio.  When you receive the protection of Padre Pio you will also receive the direct shielding of Christ.  He will anoint and cover your body, keeping you safe from evil and demonic influence and negativity in general.  

This piece can also be used to grant miracles.  These are personal miracles and include things such as wealth, love, spiritual healing, a boost in intelligence, spiritual awakening, etc.

Padre Pio will also guide you along your divine path of destiny, as assigned to you by God.  This way you will not be led astray!

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