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Persephone’s Transfers -4

Persephone’s Transfers -4

SKU: 39210223
Persephone was a natural born seer and witch although that to use that term. She is much older now and Persephone isn’t her real name. Her real name is Margaret.  She liked to take many of her abilities and set them somewhere as she liked the feeling of nothingness. Weird, I know. 

Each piece does something different. Each piece is extremely powerful with its abilities.

These earrings are vintage and do hold an active spirit named Roman and Margaret probably used these earrings because they have a soldier on them. Roman is a vampire and he’s highly sexual in nature. He’s also very tuned in to those he’s around. Roman will help you with various things you ask for but he will not intrude when you don’t want him to. He’s very good companion.

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