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Plug Into Rare, Universal Knowledge

Plug Into Rare, Universal Knowledge

SKU: 7262115


We have a lot of pieces that weren’t necessarily meant for the public eye, but it was kind of whatever once they made it there.  This piece is not like that at all  In fact, this piece wasn’t even supposed to be released to top-level government officials.  It was discovered by the Majestic 12.  They work with Illuminati officials that have infiltrated the American Government.  That is who they answer to and that is who was originally supposed to receive this piece.  Somehow it became intercepted.  We aren’t sure how, nor do we care.  This piece is, by nature, its own cloaking device.  Nobody will ever know you have it.  I mean, we will, but we’re definitely not telling anybody.  

This piece was discovered by the Majestic 12 on the corpse of an alien queen.  It is uncertain where this corpse came from or how they got it there.  We think that the M12 somehow quantum-jumped to an adjacent galaxy where they know for sure that intelligent life exists.  There was something written about “the Dome '' in a short file we received with this piece, but other than that we don’t know where she came from.  

What we do know is that this piece is very powerful.  It was worn by the queen, but it wasn’t a fashion statement like Earthlings like to make.  Instead, the piece was a tool. We only know this because Deedee was able to get glimpses and a few vibes off of the piece, but not a total story, as far as its origins.  What is known is that this piece wasn’t just jewelry for the queen, it was part of her body.  She had some sort of tendons that came out of her neck and attached to the jagged ends of this device.  She was “hooked up” to this device.  The question then is why?  Why was she hooked up to this device?  

That’s the easier part to answer, as we were able to connect with this piece very easily on a psychic and telepathic level.  This piece is a frequency vibrational loop. Billions of years worth of knowledge and information about the queen's civilization, the creation of worlds, the creation of reality, the creation of magic, the creation of the life essence, and the cosmos.  We’re talking about times before even our own universe was created.  

The strange thing is, as I’ve told you, we can’t pick up on the immediate history of this piece, where it came from, how the M12 got it, etc.  That’s why we say the piece is its own cloaking device.  What we believe is that the M12 took this piece off of the queen and there was some sort of safeguard that destroyed recent information about the piece, to keep the current whereabouts of the alien civilization unknown.  While we were shown billions of years worth of passing, it was never really quite known where the civilization was in the first place.  They just kind of exist wherever.  

I mean, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this piece, when it’s worn, will do amazing things for the person wearing it.  It will show them billions of years' worth of knowledge.  It’s like the information is uploaded into your mind in a second or two, but you will still get the details.  It will show you the magic that cannot even be comprehended by the human mind, because we have no means of comprehending it, except you will be able to understand it because you wear the piece.  It will transform your mind and allow you to understand the knowledge that is being offered.    

It will allow you to create-- magic, matter, entities, destiny, power, energy, etc.  This was a royal piece, wherever it came from, so it will bring you royal power.  It will also allow your mind to exist inter-dimensionally, while still being located with your mind.  In other words, you will know things that are going on in the universe, but you will remain on Earth.  You will receive energies and magic from places in the universe while you are still on Earth.  You will be able to know thighs out of the blue that you have o reason for knowing-- health-related things, sacred geometry, scientific data, facts from history, etc.  This piece will completely transform your mind and propel you into a state of evolutionary perfection.  It’s one of the most extraordinary extraterrestrial pieces that I’ve seen in a long time.  

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