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Pope Pius X First Class Relic, the Bearing of Miracles and Divine Secrets

Pope Pius X First Class Relic, the Bearing of Miracles and Divine Secrets

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The piece that you will be receiving is first-class relic.  The antique piece hols a small fragment of the bone of Pope Pius X.  First -class class relics are the rarest, hardest to find, and the most powerful.  Read on to find out the details of how this piece was led to us!  

In terms of holy men, it would be harder to find one great than Pope Pius X.  We often talk about how the Catholic Church and really the Christian Church at large have become apostates.  We also say that this doesn't apply to every member of the religion.  Pius X was an example of what we meant when we say that it doesn't apply to everyone.  

He first became the Pope in 1903 and his Papacy ran until 1914.  During his Papacy, he fought very hard against the modernization of Catholic doctrine, particularly the liberalization of scripture to fit the agendas of people who wanted to recreate the religion.  He was a very holy man and-- off the record-- he was one of God's favorite Popes to date.  

It's not a commonly known thing, but Pius X was able to communicate directly with God.  He did this through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, of course.  However, he was extremely close to God and was shown things-- secrets and revelations that were not shown to other Popes, let alone other people.  The fact that he was afforded these gifts has not been released to the public but has been well documented by Pius X in a journal he kept.  

This journal belongs to a faction of mostly upstanding men that call themselves the Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Pii X, the FSSPX for short, or as they are known in English, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X.  There are actually many members of this fraternity, but only key people who know the secrets that they hold.  These secrets are the secrets that were written in Pius X's journal.

They also hold a  collection of First Class relics that have been created with the body of Pius X.  A First Class relic is the rarest kind.  It is a body part of a saint.  A second class is a possession that belonged to a saint.  A third class relic is one that has touched the first-class relic and a fourth class relic has been touched to a second class relic.  In blatant terms, they own the most powerful kinds of relics and the rarest kind of relics that can be owned.  

That is what we are offering.  This piece has been acquired from the FSSPX.  Specifically, this piece has been acquired from the shadow government that runs the FSSPX.  These are not the people that are noted as being "in charge", but they are laypersons who have taken a vow of anonymity in order to better protect the secrets of Pius X.  

The piece we are offering is one of the first-class bone relics that were owned by the FSSPX.  We are not sure how this piece was acquired from the FSSPX, as we didn't acquire the piece directly from them.  Deedee acquired this piece at an underground event and it was in turn acquired from a Masonic Lodge called the Grand Lodge of Ascension.  

The lodge was using the powers in this piece to grant their members the miracle of Ascension, which allowed them to travel back and forth to Heaven at their leisure.  They were using it for a few other things as well.  

Perhaps more interestingly, the relic once belonged to Mother Teresa who used the piece to acquire intercessory power.  As a result, she was able to perform at least two miracles (there are likely dozens more) that have been proven in order to make her a Saint.  The nature of her miracle was both healing illnesses and disease.  

The case in point is that this piece will allow you to create miracles of any kind.  Whether this is directly related to something esoteric or if it is something you want or need in the flesh, this piece has the ability to create and grant miracles on your behalf.  Whether you want to use these miracles for yourself or you want to grant those around you miracles is up to you.  This piece is plenty powerful enough that you will be able to do both.  

This piece will also grant you the secret wealth of knowledge that was afforded to Pope Saint Pius X.  These are exclusive details about the divinity of God, how to communicate with God in the physical and spiritual sense and not strictly prayer, how to create miracles, etc.  It will also reveal the Divine Plan for what is going to happen during the End Times.  Along with that, it will also grant you miraculous protection from all things evil.  

This is a very powerful piece and should be treated as such.  Remember, God has the final say and this piece can ONLY be used for divine, white light magic and miracles.  If you try to use it for something dark or even dual it simply will not work.
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