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Primal Chaos and Manifesting Your Divine Form

Primal Chaos and Manifesting Your Divine Form

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This is a stunning piece made of labradite and crystal. However, this piece is known for more than just as dazzling beauty, it's also known for its amazing power. Read below to find out more

This piece has an accompanying YouTube video that will allow you to view the piece in further detail. It can be seen by using the following link:

This piece is another one of those pieces that the results depend on you. I don't mean they depend on you like it if you can figure out how to use the piece or not. What you will experience with this piece depends on you and the history of what is called your Primal Chaos.

Now we have spoken at length about chaos magic before. It is magic that is created out of organizing the chaos that exists. It is the reason why certain laws of nature pervade. The Creator made it that way. Remember, God was created out of the chaos energy, but before that, he was part of the chaos energy himself.

You were also part of the chaos energy. So was every person that has ever existed on Earth. We have all been created out of this chaotic energy. It has been converted into these lifeforms that we call souls. these souls have essentially been given avatars. We call them carnal or flesh bodies. You might be wondering how the population of the world keeps increasing. It is because there is an endless supply of chaos energy and God uses human bodies to control it.

Having said that we all have a primal chaos form and if I"m being totally honest nothing was stopping you or I from becoming God before God became God. I hope that makes sense. In other words, we all had the potential to become God, but God was the one that prevailed in doing so first. So, He kind of became the Almighty. He controls it. He controls us, he controls destiny. He controls it all. Honestly, He should. There's a reason why he advanced before the rest of us.

Here's the thing, though. This piece gives you an awakening of the third eye that allows you to travel back to what we are calling your soul lineage. It's kind of like a bloodline, except you can travel back through every life form that you have ever taken. You might be saying to yourself that we've offered pieces like this before, so what's the big deal? The big deal is that this piece goes a step further. Not only does it allow you to travel back through all the lifeforms you've ever lived, but you will also travel back further than that!

You will use this piece to travel back to your Primal Chaos form. This is whatever form you existed in before God brought order to the universe. We call it your Primal Form. It isn't exactly a soul form or spiritual form. In fact, we don't really have a word for it. The best we can think of is saying that it was an ethereal form.

Basically in your primal form, you have an identity. You traveled places, you've gone on journeys. You weren't tied down to Earth. You knew how to get to the place you wanted to get and you could create your own existence out of the chaos energy around you. You were able to live whatever reality you wanted to live because there were no rules there were no limits. You will experience this form of existence when you use this piece.

Now, I said that each experience is going to be different and it will be. Depending on your life's journey in the Primal Form, you will be seeing and experiencing different things. Some of you might be masters of white light, while others are masters of dual or dark. Some of you might be masters of creating and conjuring spirits. Some of you might be masters of traveling to parallel universes or even creating your own parallel universes.

The bottom line and commonality of this piece that each person will experience are that out of the chaos came the divine. This piece will organize the chaos of your previous primal form and allow you to bring into your carnal existence as divinity. This divinity will give you an abundance of power and magic. What types of power and magic your receive is what depends on where you have been in your primal form.

Let's not forget that this piece will also allow you to tie all of your previous lifeforms, which did have a soul, together. This will allow you to acquire magic and knowledge your entire existence. For some, this will be a few lifespans. For others, it could be many, many lifespans or lifecycles. It's very intricate magic that allows you to exist in your most basic primal state of consciousness and to bring that forward as divine magic that you can use in your current form of life.

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