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Prosperity Magic  With Intuition

Prosperity Magic With Intuition

SKU: 5624056


This is prosperity magic with psychic intuition added. These are real Peridot with real Ethiopian Opal. These are not lab created. This is set in sterling silver and a size 10. It’s absolutely gorgeous but not to much if you know what I mean. Prosperity magic gets done for you using your first and last name and month and day of birth. The intuition is then set using the opal an emotional stone full of water. So we take from the water sign of Scorpio to give you the intuition. This will be made for you. If the size is too big, contact me for your size. I will show you what I gave I can do them in. I do have pendants. All with real Ethiopian opals. As to go these the opals must be natural. This is Macys old stock with the original price of 450.00 the ones you see tags on are Kohl’s old stock. I will let you know if that is where they came from. This is from Macys.

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