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Pythagoras Sacred Geometry and Numerology-- PENDULUM

Pythagoras Sacred Geometry and Numerology-- PENDULUM

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We call this piece the Mind of Pythagoras.  In fact, we have two of these pieces.  One is a set of earrings and one is a pendulum.  They differ slightly in what they can do for you and the pendulum is more powerful than the earrings are.  I'll get to that in just one second.  

Pythagoras was an ancient philosopher who had a special knack for mathematics and geometry, in particular sacred numerology and geometry.  For instance, he determined at a young age that a triangle also represents a trine or trinity.  It can be used to summon the presence and the power of the Holy Trinity.  

He was also able to develop quite a framework for sacred numerology, where he was able to piece together the universe based on the sacred code that God used.  We've been down this road before and we have told you that God "coded" all things into reality by giving them certain shapes and also certain number sequences.  

Okay, so we told you there was a difference between the earrings and the pendulum.  The earrings will give you full enlightenment to be able to understand the strings and codes that the universe is made up of.  This includes magic and the energies that are used to create them.  

The pendulum will do the same thing, except it will go a step further.  It will allow you to communicate with Pythagoras in telepathic form and create your own strings of numerical and geometrical sequences that will allow you to create your own powers and abilities.  
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