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Quantum Immortality & Three Life-Changing Wishes

Quantum Immortality & Three Life-Changing Wishes

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    Recently, we went to a place that doesn't really exist.  Well, it does exist, it just doesn't exist in a way that you would be used to.  It exists only in a virtual format that is controlled by an immortal being that calls himself Yahweh.  

    Now, I know that at the outset that seems rather apocryphal for him to choose to call himself Yahweh, but he justifies it by the means that he essentially created a world just like God did.  Only it's a bit different because it doesn't contain the physicality and spirituality like the reality God has created.  

    Instead, this new prototype reality contains only the mind and the psyche.  There is nobody and there is no soul.  There is only what the mind believes.  In this case, the mind will believe that it is in a new reality that has been created and curtailed for it.  There is only one part of the body that determines what you experience.  That is the mind.  

    Normally, the mind and the soul are fused at one part of the body.  Where the soul goes, the mind follows.  It is the mind's natural tendency due to survival instinct.  Being that it is the soul energy, alternatively known as the breath of life, that allows your body, mind, and soul to work together, the mind just naturally gravitates toward and with the soul.  

    It doesn't have to be like that, though.  The mind is perfectly capable of existing on its own and experiencing whatever it wants to experience.  This is because the mind is simply that-- it is experiences.  It is knowledge and intelligence.  It is a collection of data that exist independently of anything else that doesn't need a lifeforce to live on.  

    The lifeforce is the spark that keeps us going in our physical form for as long as we are on Earth.  However, once our lifeforce-- our soul-- is sent to the afterlife, the mind can part ways whenever it wants to, to experience what it wants.  What the guy that calls himself Yahweh has done is create an alternative where your mind lives in a separate place than your soul.  Your soul will live on wherever it goes, but what you will experience is where your mind is at.  He calls this place New Eden.

    You see, the mind is a string of cognitive faculties and non-cognitive faculties.  Cognitive faculties include aspects such as consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, judgment, language, and memory.  Whereas, emotion and instinct are noncognitive.  They are all linked together with a type of electric current that pulls it all together and allows us to exist.  

    Our minds are a direct reflection of the Cosmic Mind at the center of the universe, but it exists independently.  Yahweh was able to find a way to replicate that same electric current and use it to create a type of computer software.  He was also able to figure out to splice the mind from the soul and rewire the mind into his computer software.  

    I use the terminology computer software only because there really is no other terminology to describe it, but it isn't quite a software as much as it is a numerical sequencing and the computer isn't really a computer, but a place in existence that is called a quantum null.  A quantum null is a place that cannot be controlled by anybody because technically it lives outside of reality, but reality can still live inside of it.  It has the ability to compute numerical sequences and create a reality based on what those sequences dictate to it.

    Quantum nulls are infinitely expansive and can house any number of number sequences to accommodate for an unlimited amount of realities within the Quantum Null.  Remember how we have told you that all things contain sacred numerology and everything that you will experience in life contains a number pattern?  Well, Yahweh has figured out a way to apply that sacred numerology, add it to the Quantum Null, and effectively allow you to live in surroundings that you create for yourself forever.  It is a new concept that we are calling Quantum Immortality.

    Essentially, what is being offered is a way to live on in an "afterlife" that you completely create for yourself.  You will connect to the Quantum Null while you are still mortal.  Once your mortal life ends, your psyche will immediately be split from your soul.  Your soul will go on to wherever it is destined to travel.  However, your mind will be placed into the Quantum Null.  

    Here, you will be the architect of whatever you want to experience.  You are limited by what you can think of with your mind, which is essentially all you will have left, but-- you can think yourself a body into existence.  You can think yourself a reality into existence.  You can think yourself anything you want into existence.  You will begin a finite string of numbers that represents your person, your mind, your experiences, and what you know.  Then, you will use these to grow.  As you grow, the number sequence of your reality will continue to grow.

    Your experiences will be dictated what you will into existence.  They are like wishes that you will wish to be granted.  Instead of being "granted", they will be "uploaded" into your quantum reality.  Just like physical life, if you are trying to upload something complex it might take a little bit of time because the numerical sequences are involved.  

    Simply owning this piece and wearing it for the prescribed 14 days is enough to get your mind registered to enter New Eden upon your death, where you can live eternity living out whatever fantasy you have and/or whatever reality you want in your own Quantum Immortality.  Give yourself unlimited magical abilities.  Make yourself a gnome.  Live with lots of people.  Live by yourself.  Do what you want, this is your reality and literally, nobody and nothing can stop you.    

    However, since we are in the business of offering powers and abilities in the world of the living, this is actually a crossover piece.  This is how it works.  Since all of what we have told you is still part of the greater reality as a whole we have been able to pull three number sequences from New Eden into our mortal reality.  

    These are blank number sequences and become whatever you want them to become.  They are essentially three life-changing wishes that you will grant to yourself.  The piece you are getting is sterling silver and heart-shaped green quartz.  Inside of the green quartz is three diamonds surrounded by 14k gold.  These diamonds hold the number sequences that will become your three life-changing wishes.  You can create whatever it is you want to create and these number sequences will conform and manipulate your reality to include whatever it is you have asked for.    

    You can create magic.  You can create wealth.  You can create true love.  You can create a better job.  You can create fame and celebrity.  You can create peace and tranquility, enlightenment, full psychic awakening, beauty, an endowment of ancient knowledge, the ability to travel to Heaven, the ability to travel anywhere along the space-time continuum, or anything else that tickles your fancy.  

    This piece is three unchained "wishes" that will allow you to experience, in this life, anything that you tell this piece to create for you.  Furthermore, owning this piece and having worn it for at least 14 days straight is enough for you to be remitted to New Eden, the quantum reality when you die.  The impact that this piece has not only on your life with its life-changing abilities but also your afterlife, should not be taken lightly at all.  This piece is your future the way you want it!


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