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Rare & Guarded

Rare & Guarded

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Rare & Guarded

With this one I don’t know where to begin, but that happens a lot.

I’m going to start by asking what do you think of an area guarded by armed agents yet you’re told nothing is there. Does logic kick in and say they, whoever are lying? You are probably thinking I’m talking about Area 51, but I’m not. I’m talking about the hidden and closed off section of the Grand Canyon.

In a well armed guarded area resides a cave called the Kincaid’s cave. Inside the cave you will find entire seed banks, tunnels leading to other sections with pyramids, mummies, gold artifacts and the secret that made them immortal. Yes I said it, wealth beyond dreams and immortality.

Along with these things you have pyramids and the star system that sits over top of them.

This system matches the exact star system that sits over the pyramids in Egypt. This sounds kind of stupid doesn’t it? Of course it would be the same system. It’s the distance and the placement in that should be different, but it’s not. Also inside the cave inside the Grand Canyon you will find Hieroglyphics that are the same you find in Egypt except some of these tell a little bit of a different story. For one and while it might not seem interesting is of teaching children. But we’re they teaching them how to read or how to manipulate the sun and stars for magical purposes? When was the Sundial first invented? To my knowledge it was in medieval times but I do think I’m wrong. A little more research on that is needed but it honestly doesn’t matter.

What matters is what they did with a special sundial if one existed and it does. Now Kincaid said he discovered the hidden land of Egypt in 1909, this sundial is from the mid 1800’s and it still works including the compass at the bottom. A sundial tells time for those who didn’t know. This sundial would also help Kincaid get back to these pyramids, treasures and undiscovered vast tunnels. The riches were his to carry out except there was so much of it and there it still resides. Now you may ask how can you get to these things if the FBI and armed guards cover the area? Well the joke is on them. You see the supernatural can’t be guarded by guns. It will never happen. Also inside is an Isis temple.

There are other people featured in the underground cities inside this cave. Joseph from the Bible is one of them. You will also find depictions of the end times a little like what’s in the Denver airport but different. In these depictions inside the cave of multiple cities is a way out, a way of escaping what’s coming.

Now let’s get back to the armed FBI agents because it’s not only them. The caves sit under restricted air space and signs saying it’s dangerous. To add more mystery there is the entire story that this is nothing but a conspiracy theory to sell newspapers back in 1909. Now let’s use our logic. Do you really believe that? Think back in 1909 you didn’t even have TV, social media or YouTube. What you did have was the newspaper. Did you need such a lie or ploy to sell newspapers? They were already selling! What else did the people have to hear what was going on? So count that lie out! Moving on we have the Smithsonian saying they were never given artifacts from the cave. Seems like the same thing happened with some of the crystal skulls and again with the elongated skulls and again with insert BS here! The problem with the Smithsonian’s lies are they were of the philosophy that if you say it enough the people will begin to take it as fact. It’s a lot like today when Biden says we don’t have inflation. We all know it’s BS but as time goes by it soon becomes historical fact, fake facts for the masses. The problem with this is two things. One they forgot or didn’t have the capability at that time to erase that they had already said they had these artifacts. Two there is a group of 52 time traveling units roving the Earth. That’s for another time. Sorry, I only get so many characters.

Some of the constellations, Orion for example along with the sun and Pleiades move in time that does yet doesn’t really exist. It is with this sundial you achieve the full power of immortality. This also gives you riches and the ability to create. I don’t recommend doing anything with creation. This goes back to the 52 time traveling units which are secret and mysterious themselves. I need to be very blunt with this. They will come for you. They will look like you, human but they are not. They are not evil but have traveled not just here but other places and times. The gross misrepresentation of blending humans with animals will not ever be again. This is what some of the Egyptians did with this magic. There is no worry. You can’t do it on accident and you have to know how to do it, which you don’t and which I won’t tell you. Again, the 52 units are not evil nor dark but they are protectors and they know those creations are dangerous. They will not let them come into being. I know currently they are working with the angels from the Euphrates river.

Let’s go over the symbolism on this item. Made in I believe 1858 on the back are winged beatles which is for immortality. During the Age of Enlightenment it was adopted from the Egyptians but they had missed the entire point. This is why you see the design in various forms in jewelry. They believed it meant life. Probably anyone would when there was so much death at the time. They probably placed so much of symbolic life jewelry on themselves to ward off death but again, they missed the point. The Age of Enlightenment was the casting off of religion and abandoning just when they were on the edge of the truth. The truth is in the sky and it awaits you. It’s easy to use and full instructions will be given. You will gain your wealth, immortality and total understanding of which comes total abandoning of the physical in which keeps you bound. You will be free of the bodies restrictions of pain, needing money or hurting in the soul. Remember, we are all stars. But we are not nothing but stars. This piece is extremely rare, this piece does so much more than I’m saying. It does work and it’s an antique.

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