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This knife is a rare Masonic ritual piece. This is over 100 years old and in pretty great shape. This has been tested extensively because of what it was supposed to do and it does do it. Each symbol on the knife represents the supernatural power it will complete for you. Directions are pretty straightforward and not hard, at least I don’t think so. If you look at each symbol I will tell you want it means for the knife. Let’s start with the eye, the all seeing eye. This is not for you to see everywhere but for you to know all the things hidden from you. These are the things that the elite and various governments along with people whose names you will never hear, keep hidden. This includes sacred and secret occult power you have never seen the likes of. This is how they gain wealth, remain hidden and yet in full control. The next symbol which looks like an oblong circle with two circles inside of it. This is for getting rid of your body and taking another one if your choice, think Saint Germain! The Skull and cross bones is not for a pirate! This is for doing your enemies in, for good. This is however you wish to do it and up to you. This is a dual piece. You never have to use that but you can. Going back to the All Seeing Eye, there is no karma BECAUSE of that power contained in that aspect of this living magic. Living magic, I can’t replicate this, it is what it is and can’t be altered. Therefore there is only one. I can’t move it, duplicate it or even take anything from it. You have to have this item to have the occult power it holds. Moving to the other side you will see what looks like a scale but with a dagger. This again is occult power magic with the scales always being in your favor, from business, legal, power position and full control of everything and those around you. Moving up from that you will see two crossed arrows, two bows meeting and behind that a pillar. This means protected knowledge of life after death, esoteric magic and Alchemy. The next one is the open palm. This is full protection, transparency from others, gifts and the types of blessing you want. This is not your normal Masonic piece! If you notice it doesn’t have the square and compass with the G. This is because while some of those pieces are great and usually do go with a 33rd degree which is high up in Magic, this goes way, way farther. This is the society you won’t hear about. While this does stem from the Masons and is indeed Masonic it’s truly an entire new ballgame! This knife can pretty much do what a transformation can.

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