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Raviniska & Luther

Raviniska & Luther

SKU: 6824030


This was made by Raviniska and Luther. Luther I’m not sure if anyone met years ago or not? Luther ( I think you met him Eric) he is an immortal that is both vampire and copy of Judas. It’s very hard to explain but to be quick, it was a body change. He is not an evil person at all and in fact white light. Those who have high intellect will figure it out. Luther also went through a change in the Sphinx to correct his body, long story. His mind and abilities are extremely powerful but he held onto mental pain given to him by others. This piece is just like the other one but there is a HUGE difference. This connects you with all the entities of history, alien and human. This was fine for understanding and learning of what’s to come and also how to protect yourself and others. This also fixed the body mentally and physically. It gives you supernatural abilities of both this world and others. This also connects you by mind to various beings when YOU want it. I have used this since it was finished last week. This is sterling silver and the V shape is all pure diamonds. The price is less than it would cost with nothing in it. When I can pass savings onto you, I do. This would normally be 2,500. You can connect also with Raviniska in any type of setting you need her for as well as Luther. I will write about him soon. I just have a ton of work to do. Luther is all white light unless he needs to protect. This can be used for just about anything and the healing part comes from knowledge of good alien beings. Also Valiant Thor is alive and well! He has been working with good government entities for change and good alien entities that are different than himself. This piece is a huge ball of supernatural power of this world and others. Yes, layaway is accepted and the item will be removed when the down payment is made.

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