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Encratism is a discipline of sexual restraint practiced in religious and occult groups with the object of developing a spiritual and psychic power.

It gained prominence among the gnostic especially under Saturninus, the Syrian founder of an encratite sect who advocated abstinence from flesh and wine, and in particular, from sexual activity, so that gnosis or mystical enlightenment might be received.

It was also encouraged by certain agapetae Christians. Encratism covers all forms of sex abstinence and sex restraint, particularly for males. It is highly extolled in the Chinese, Buddhist and Hindu esoteric systems as a means of increasing physical stamina, mental energy and spiritual power.

All great spiritual leaders at the critical period of their careers were celibates. They were thus overflowing with vital energy which they were able to utilize. 

Yogic schools regard ejaculation and the loss of semen as detrimental to body, mind and spirit -- and teach that sexual energy should be transmuted into psychic force. It is believed that by retaining his semen the yogi becomes physically more alive, mentally more alert and spiritually more receptive. He acquires supraphysical powers which enable him to influence the processes of nature and the cosmos.

In today's society it is very rare to come across a celibate person -- as we are introduced to sexual integrity from a very young age!

The purpose of this piece is to enrich your body with the contextual ambiguities that naturally flow in a person who is not sexually active. Since most of us have had sexual experiences we no longer can obtain the vital energies that adhere as a gift --- but now you can "trick" your mind to unlock the vital energies; as this will block the sexual energies that flow throughout you from merging to that section of your brain that impedes this great power!

You will be able to associate this energy that you had as a child to make big changes in your current life, as an adult! Your mental energies, physical stamina and exuded strengths of majestic interaction will blossom -- this is a life changing piece, as you will get back the innocence you has a child, and I think we all look back and question how we had so much energy, creativity and enthusiasm for life -- this is wonderful to experience as an active adult! Do NOT miss out on this one.

To use this piece wear it when you need to. First west it for 8 days before using. You may wear it on a chain or finger. This is for men only.

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