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Real wealth for the HIGH END LIFE!

Real wealth for the HIGH END LIFE!

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The Yuanbao was pure gold used in ancient China. These were used as money but also considered very lucky in bringing wealth to the owners. This large pendant made of gold, Peridot, Amethyst and Jade is a true wheel of Fortune! This holds the ancient god of wealth,Cai Shen. He is the most powerful god of wealth that exists. He also has many other gods under him that must obey him in any command. This pendant holds that energy and that wealth. This is along with multiple ancient Chinese gods working for you. So, who has owned this piece? At one point the Rockefeller family owned it. To be precisely accurate it was John Rockefeller who had it first and then passed it to his daughter Edith. After Edith I’m not sure where it went but it ended up with the Ambani family. They are probably the richest family you never heard of! From my understanding of the Ambani family they were not always wealthy. Did they know this piece did it? I have no idea if they knew. I can only assume they didn’t. Why give it away or sell it if they knew? You may ask the same question of me. I would if I were you! So before I continue, let me answer that. I have multiple reasons for selling it. One I have a lot of wealth items. Two I have my own religious reasons. Three I believe if you hoard with what can be seen as greed, you could have a reversal. Those are just my beliefs. Because of how I feel, I switch up my wealth items. I will include a link to the Ambani family so you can see how they live. I’m sure you want to know how it works for you. You only need to own the piece. There are no rituals or things you need to say. It just becomes you. In other words, it’s good for you! The pendant itself is stunning yet an antique. The Jade, stones and gold are thousands of years old. This piece was only designed for an abundance of wealth. While you may not be into wealth, think about what it can do for you. Wealth gives us freedom!!! Freedom gives us time and time gives us the ability to do as we want! Link in more info.

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