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Realm Of Souls

Realm Of Souls

SKU: 3232225

This beautiful sterling silver ring is packed with metaphysical magic. It embraces voodoo magic and the realm of souls in a way that will allow you to experience the energies of a very powerful type of magic. This ring is not one that you want to pass up!!

Supposing you were a woman in the 16th Century, it would be perfectly acceptable for you to stroll around town sporting a ghoulish black mask that covered your entire face. They were typically made out of velvet and they were called visards. They were a multipurpose tool of the time. They served to protect a woman's face from the sun. It also gave them an air of mystery. Behind the mouth slit, there was a small bead that the woman would bite to hold the mask in place. This would render the woman faceless AND mute. Creepy, right? Of course, with every trend there tends to be some undercover purpose. There is some type of expose waiting to unveiled. However, it wasn't until the 17th century when these creep masks lost popularity that their supernatural elements became clearly known.

These masks were left behind in favor of a more high fashion and the old masks were passed on to whomever. The "whomever" is the big part of the story. Some of these masks fell into the hands of necromancy sorcerers who transformed these masks into tools that allow the person who is wearing the mask an incredible ability. You can use the mask to see into the Realm of Souls-- like a haunted pair of binoculars!! A while back, during an investigation we were on in New Orleans, we got our hands on one of these masks. Until I saw the mask, I didn't even known these existed. However, Deedee was well aware of what the mask was, even as I gave her weird looks as she secured the mask. I remember thinking to myself, "Okay, she's completely lost her marbles now, picking up old rags and stuff. It wasn't until later that she explained to me exactly what it was that we had come into contact with. The mask that we obtained was one that was used by several notable people.

First, it was used by Madame LaLaurie who would would paint her face with the blood of slave in an attempt to gain immortality. Afterwards she would put this mask on to peer into the Realm of Souls to gain insight from Voodoo spirit as to how to make her magic even stronger than it already was. It was also used by Marie Laveau, and later Aleister Crowley to gain the insight of the ascended masters. This piece isn't a mask, but gives you the powers of the mask in a much more convenient form. You will not have to wear the mask itself. Rather, the powers in this piece will come to and create a spiritual mask, which you will not be able to see, but you will definitely be able to feel full force upon your face. It's not going to sit on your face heavy, rather you will feel the power that it emanates into your skull.

This is because it is opening your third eye to give you the psychic ability needed to be able to allow you to peer into the Realm of Souls. You will know when this piece has taken full effect, because reality as you know it will begin to become fuzzy. Then, it will then fade away altogether. At this point, you eyes will refocus and you will then be looking through your spiritual mask into the realm of souls. What you do once you're there is entirely up to you. This piece is just the medium of travel. While you are in the Realm of Souls you will be able to communicate with any soul of any person you wish to communicate with. You can use this piece strictly for conversation or you can use it to obtain powers from those who have passed. The choice is pretty much yours alone. On a side note, this piece is neither light nor dark in nature. What you choose to do with it will deem what type of power it becomes. By all means if you want to use this piece to summon dark souls for dark magic, that's entirely up to you. If you want to use the piece to summon pure white light souls to gain their powers, or if you want to summon the souls of people who will bring you wealth powers, then that is also your decision.

This piece is a very effective vehicle that will allow you peer into the Realm of Souls so you can obtain any power that you wish to obtain. All you have to do is a little research into who to conjure for what. For instance, we used this piece to call upon the soul of Elizabeth Bathory. Interesting, huh? Yeah, we thought so, too!

This ring is gorgeous and about a size 7.

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