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Reconnect To Your Cosmic Roots

Reconnect To Your Cosmic Roots

SKU: 922107


This piece is gold over sterling with a real stone.

Don't ever settle for less than what you are worth. It is the worse feeling to wake up one day and realize that you have lived your life for everyone else and the sad fact of the matter is that you have literally done nothing for yourself. There are a million and one people around you that will tell you what you ought to think, who you ought to be, how you ought to act how you should behave. Don't ever succumb to the wishes of others so much that you become somebody that you don't like. Don't ever hate yourself just to please other people.

This piece holds deep-rooted energy that connects you to the universe. The universe is the energetic presence that connects you to your destiny and who you will become. However, your destiny is sometimes thwarted. Think of your destiny like a stream. Along the way here come people dumping their trash into your stream. Soon your destiny is polluted and it has become so trashed that your stream no longer contains your crystal clear water. Your true destiny becomes muddled becuase unknowingly you've allowed other people to shape the person you have become.

This piece holds healing and a cleansing energy. It allows you to get back in touch with your true self and to manifest the person that you are supposed to be-- not the person that other people think you should be. This piece also holds universal magic that will allow you to connect to the comis brain. You will be able to see your natural destiny. If there is something that you truly don't like about your destiny, then this piece will allow you to change it. For instance, some people are destined for greatness, others are not. If you aren't, then this piece will allow you to become for greatness. Or, you can choose whatever destiny you want. Don't allow your mortal situations and circumstances to dictate your life.

The energy in this piece will also allow you to manifest the magic that lives in you innately. This is magic that has been stored into your bloodline and since this magic is allowing you to reconnect to your roots, the magic that you have hidden within will now come to the surface. These forms of magic will simply be presented to you and you will know how to use them. After all, they are your abilities. One more thing, this piece will allow you to not only guide your current destiny, but it will allow you to choose your next lifecycle. I mean, there's pretty much nothing you can do about the lifecycle you are living now, apart from changing the course of your destiny. Perhaps next time you want to rule over some foreign land in a parallel universe. The options are pretty much open and this magic will allow you to connect to the universe in a way that can help you unlock ALL possibilities.

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