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Red Elephant

Red Elephant

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Red Elephant

Sometimes people ask what is the elephant in the room? In my house a few weeks ago it was a psycho! A clown face coming at me stealing my shit with a smile on their face. The creepy bobble head I wanted to knock from its peg. Due to certain circumstances I couldn’t get even but I could bring protection and luck onto the scene. Thank God!

This red elephant cleansed the most horrible crap! I mean everyone was fighting! It was like world war 3! I had one person acting like they did nothing wrong when the entire time it was all them. They are drama! While they were around luck was bad! I mean really, really bad! After they bring destruction it was oh poor me. I lost my mind and my temper is bad so that brought more issues.

Finally I used the Red Elephant. I wanted something that would do multiple things. This wouldn’t counteract other pieces or even itself. This did some serious magic and brought about changes that were needed. The clown face left taking the drama with them. The luck returned and everything got sorted out.

This piece is very easy to use. You can use it for major stuff too. Getting rid of evil, bad people, bad luck and total clown face destruction.

To use this fill it with water and sprinkle on your hands. You can also put it on your house but the hands are fine. This really does a lot of good, including wealth, moving, stopping evil in its tracks and much more. It will also bring psychic clarity which it’s hard to find a piece that does that.

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