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Redemption, Transformation, Unusual & Rare!

Redemption, Transformation, Unusual & Rare!

SKU: 2172402


Transformation and Redemption.

Take a very close look at this ring. This is solid sterling silver but the uniqueness and meaning is what’s important. Obviously this is a vampire ring but if you look closer you will find that Jesus is on a cross with the crown above his head. This is resurrection. The two skeletons on each side are for rising in immortality. Jesus is for redemption and the fact that all who have been living and are now dead are in one way or another created by a creator. To get into that would be very complicated. It’s like talking about Judas and wondering why God made him to be eternally dammed? Is he really or did he play his part to fulfill the sacred blood of redemption? Or was it that God did know but we all have free will? See, this is a conversation that literally could go on forever. The best thing to do is just tell you what this does and if it was tested. The ring while newer is a living piece which is a rarity. The ring is and has always been what it is. The meanings to the ring are Redemption of the Damned, Eternal Life, Victory over death and removing spiritual conflict but that’s not all. With the symbolism on this ring it means it’s highly personal to the owner. Think, when have you seen Jesus along with a vampire ring!? Then you have transformation. This is good. However it is a vampire transformation along with spiritual enlightenment. So as wild as it seems you get a real vampire transformation but also spiritual awakening and enlightenment. This is the only one I will ever have and unfortunately I can’t do a duplicate because it’s a living piece. I wish I could, but it can’t happen. You can’t change this ring other than to have it sized from the band only. Nothing else can be changed. This is a size 12 and you may wear it on any finger or on a sterling chain. The chain if you decide to wear it that way must be sterling. No strings or rope chains. This is technically a multiple transformation and not a dark one as it may appear to be.

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