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Revelations 5:6, The Seven Eyes and Horns of the Bloody Lamb

Revelations 5:6, The Seven Eyes and Horns of the Bloody Lamb

SKU: 8132128


Yes, we know that this is a Green Lantern ring, but Deedee loved it and its green hue so much that she wanted to use it to create an amazing piece-- which is what we did.  This piece alone is a rare piece.  It is a collector’s piece that is going for more than $130.00 on eBay.  We aren’t even charging that much for it and it holds metaphysical magic.

Into this piece is summoned what are known as the Seven Spirits of God.  They are discussed in the Book of Revelation, chapter 5, verse 6.  It speaks about an animal-- a bloody lamb-- that has seven eyes and seven horns.  These eyes and horns are the seven spirits of God.  

These Seven Spirits of God are seven ancient forms of knowledge carried only by God and the lamb that was slain from Revelations 5:6.  These are also the Seven Secrets of the End Times, which are represented by the seven eyes of the lamb.  The seven horns are the seven spirits of God.  The spirits represent ancient primordial powers of God that will be presented to you when you own this piece.  

Unfortunately, this is one of those items that we cannot divulge exactly what will be presented to you, only that it will be very powerful.  You will see the seven secrets.  You will know the seven ancient magics and they will be yours to use.  You cannot share this information, as once you receive it you will yourself become a prophet of God.     

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