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Rising of the Phoenix Stone

Rising of the Phoenix Stone

SKU: 8132120


This is a very simple piece, but very powerful.  It was created by one of the Seven Wizards of Wonder who guard the esoteric light.  This piece is sterling silver and real stone.  

The spirit of the Phoenix has been set into this piece, but not for wealth as per usual.  Instead, this time the Phoenix is present to bring about a spiritual cleansing and rebirth.  This will renew your energy and will basically press the reset button on your soul  

The old you will be gone.  You will remain the same person, you will have the same knowledge, but your presence will be rejuvenated and replenished.  You will receive a spiritual identity and imprint.  If you want-- and only if you want-- this piece can completely strip your being of any added powers, abilities, etc.  

Why would you want to do this?  For one, if you have blockages that are preventing you from using your items this reset could help you.  It will also disallow people from tracking you, following you, locating you, etc. It also cleans out any soul sludge that is making you heavy and weight you down, preventing you from practicing your best magic or being the best version of yourself.  It’s like en exfoliating scrub for you soul1

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