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Rowan, An immortal Walker

Rowan, An immortal Walker

SKU: 7262142


This is an absolutely astonishing piece.  Not only is this piece extremely powerful due to the fact that it holds an extremely powerful entity that shares its magic, knowledge, and existence with you, it is also a very rare a valuable piece.  On on side of the 14k gold pendant, you have a Roman soldier.  The other side dons pearl and real gemstone.  To learn more about what this all-powerful piece will allow you to accomplish, please continue reading below.

We have had this piece for some time now.  We have been working with it and also working with the entity that is connected to this piece.  The piece itself is not ancient, but Rowan is.  Rowan is an immortal that I guess you could call a bit of a warrior.  At least, he was a warrior while he was still on Earth.  As a young man, Rowan was interested in not only the ways of the warrior but also the ways of ancient magic, specifically that of the ancient druids. This was his first magical fascination that would develop into an array of very powerful magic.

Rowan began studying his magic when he was a young man.  He followed the ancient arts and the magic of the skies.  When he was in hitt7s mid-twenties he decided that he wanted to enter the ranks of the immortal, so he performed a ritual that is known as the Telling of the Dead.  The Telling of the Dead is a killing ritual that is so rare that I doubt any of you reading this will have ever heard of it.  Prior to my encounter with Rowan, I had never even heard of it.

Anyway, the Telling of the Dead goes down like this.  A young man who thinks that he is deserving of immortality takes two friends with him to the Hill of Tara.  Once there he is tied down to a tree or a post.  In this case, Rowan was tied to the tree.  The young men kill him.  Rowan's blood spilled upon the earth of the Hill Tara.  It calls out to the ancients, to the Shining Ones.  The ancients visit the one whose blood has called out to them to determine if they are worthy of immortal transformation. If they are worthy are immediately given transformation into a new, indestructible body.  If they are not worthy, they are left to die.  

The new ascended body of the transformed becomes the body of an immortal walker.  They are free to walk in between realms of time and places of existence in the universe.  They are free to absorb whatever knowledge they choose to absorb and walk in the footsteps of whatever lives they decided to.  The first that Rowan decided to learn was his native Celtic Druidic magic.  He stayed in his native lands for a while, learning the powers of the thirteen trees and the Sacred Grove  

His second stop was to Central America where he joined a pack of shape-shifting wolves and guarded the knowledge of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.  Here he was given the ability to control time and move in and out of time freely as he chose.   It allowed him to master the concept of body transformation, and he was able to teach himself to become any entity-- living or not living-- that he wanted to come.  

Rowan has traveled with the Vikings, learning the way of their ancient Runic Magic.  He learned about their ancient pagan roots and their abilities to open doorways of magic that correspond to different deities and their divine presence.  He learned how to gain favor with the gods and their divine blessings.

He has visited Atlantis where he was welcomed with open arms.  While he was there he was given the knowledge of something called the Universal Capstone.  This allows him to hold a psychic connection to any pyramid that exists.  Through this connection, he can travel through the pyramid and harvest the magic that lives there.  This includes the pyramids of Ancient Atlantis, the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, even the White Light Pyramid in Heaven.  He has gained unbelievable amounts of knowledge and magic from these pyramids, with the power of the Universal Capstone.  

He once did a stint as a Roman Centurion.  As a Centurion, he learned the magic of the ancient Roman Pantheon.  He learned how to summon deities for battle, he learned how to summon deities for wealth.  He learned how to summon deities to overcome his obstacles in life.  there isn't an issue at hand that Rowan cannot help you solve.  If he doesn't have the magic at hand, he can summon the deities, not just of the Roman Pantheon, but of the Greek Pantheon, the Egyptian Pantheon, the Vedic Pantheon, and the Pantheons of the Far East.  He can summon dragons, vampires, and djinn.  

Having said all this, the prized power of the immortal walker Rowan comes not from anything he's learned on earth.  Instead, he learned this magic while walking the Cosmos.  He said that he calls it Lumen Universatem because no word can really describe the magic that he experiences.  It is like universal light energy that shines within the body.

The light of the Lumen Universatem shines into the mind of the individual who owns the power.  The mind is then projected into the cosmos where the acquisition of any knowledge-- magical or otherwise is possible.  Creation of your magic is possible.  birthing of your entities is possible.  

The Lumen Universatem is a conglomeration of all knowledge from across the universe, so you are accessing every possible form of knowledge at once.  Having said that, this power doesn't necessarily search magic that has already been created but turns your thoughts into magic-using its dense knowledge and network of information.  

We chose this piece to hold Rowan the Immortal Walker because he occassionally shows himself to those who own the piece.  When and if he decides the time to reveal himself to you is right, he will take his Roman Centurion form.  For some reason, this is his favorite form to take.  I did say that while he was on Earth he was a warrior.  He reprised that role when he became a Centurion to learn Roman magic.  He really enjoyed it, so that is the form that he maintains when he takes the form of a mortal.  

Mostly, though, he has transposed his existence to being formless and energetic, meaning he can take any form he wants.  He learned that while studying with the Mayans.  Either way, he appears as a Centurion, but most of the time he will simply connect with you on a psychic basis and communicate with you that way.  

I don't think that I've explicitly mentioned it other than in the prefect of this piece, but when you own this piece you gain exclusive access to Rowan and his magic.  I didn't really think I needed to say that, but maybe I do.  He is really easy to work with and get along with, as he is an immortal and has been around for a while.  He has patience.  He has practice.  He will help you as a guide and will catapult you into the world of magic that he has experienced and developed over the course of over 1000 years.  As I said, this piece is very powerful. 
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