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Royal Golden Wealth Goddess

Royal Golden Wealth Goddess

SKU: 5112108

This antique bracelet features the golden goddess, consort goddess of Molech.  Read more.below.  

I know that we just offered a goddess piece last night, but that was way different and to be honest that other goddess piece was way more powerful and offered way more things than this piece can or will offer.  Truth be told, this piece is about one thing and one thing only and that is wealth.  

This piece was created during one of those classic sexual rituals that are so preferred by people in high places.  We are not entirely sure, but we think this piece comes from a soiree that took place in Belgium.  What we do know is that the god that was conjured to create this piece was Molech.  We call the goddess that is present in the piece the Golden Goddess of Wealth, but in all actuality, the goddess is one of the consort goddesses of Molech to whom he bestowed his ability to grant wealth.  

When you wear this piece the goddess will literally speak into existence whatever kind of wealth you want.  When you wear this piece you will develop a connection with the golden goddess.  Through this psychic connection, you will be able to convey what type of wealth it is that you want and she will speak it into existence for you.
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