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Royal Jelly Sterling Smoke Eyeshadow

Royal Jelly Sterling Smoke Eyeshadow

SKU: Jbox11
Why is Royal Jelly so good for you? Royal Jelly is produced by the queen bee and she lives 40 times longer then the worker bees. You could almost call her immortal! When people use Royal Jelly it improves the skin and works on anti aging. Royal Jelly erases the signs of aging and makes you look fresh, younger and gives you glowing skin. It also works on skin problems like acne and dryness. The properties in Royal Jelly also act as an antiseptic and anti fungal. Each product listed does what it says and then we of course bumped it up 100 times using feminine magic. You can now clean, mask, moisturize and scent your way to younger and more beautiful skin. The products for men do the same and the fragrance produce an alluring, seduction that will surround you. The call of wild sex will ring all the bells in yard!

This is Royal Jelly eyeshadow in Sterling Smoke. Bat those lashes and cast your spell. Keep your eyes ageless while using this luxurious color palette.
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