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Saint Michael's Arc

Saint Michael's Arc

SKU: 3921033

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This beautiful piece is gold over sterling silver.

For those of you who have been with us for some time now, you will remember the time that we traveled to Connecticut.  It was to visit the famous Museum of demon hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren.  The stuff that was there was out of this world, but that's not what this piece is about.  This piece is about something that was given to Deedee, an exchange of magic if you will.  This magic was nothing to scoff at either.  It was a master key that is capable of producing many copies because it is that powerful.  It was given to Deedee with no other instruction other than "you'll know what to do when this when the time comes."  

Deedee believes that now is that time and, so, has begun making pieces that use the magic of the piece that Lorraine slipped into her pocket during our visit.  She never said anything to Dedee about the piece, only slipped it into her pocket when she wasn't expecting it.

Deedee has since figured out that when wor, the piece bring about something call the Arc of Saint Michael.  This Arc covers you wiith an invisible shield.  This will keep you safe in the end times, including the ability to ward of evil and completely destroy it.  It will shield  your existence from the anti-christ and other "bigwigs" that are in charge of the ushering in of End Times.  

This piece can defeat demons and all other types of dangerous and evil creatures.  This piece is the Arc of Saint Michael.  If you need ultimate protection or need a way to be able to amidst the evil while still playing it safe, then this is the perfect piece for you!
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