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Saved From the Face of Evil

Saved From the Face of Evil

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    When you want to hide something, a lot of times it makes more sense to simply hide it in plain sight.  Nobody questions what they think they know.  That's why when the Illuminati wants to convey messages it does in an overtly obvious way.  We've pointed these ways out to you over the years, but I want to take a trip back to the years of Bob Hope.  

    At face value, Bob Hope was a much-loved and well-received comic and television personality.  You could see him on many television shows doing sketch comedy and making millions of people laugh.  Conversely, he was also an engineer and the poster child for a clandestine agency called the United Services Organization (USO).  

    The USO's supposed mission was to travel overseas and entertain the troops that were serving our countries.  Hope traveled with quite the line-up of star-crossed performers including Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, Ginger Rogers, Jane Russell, and Barbara Eden.  This would be fine and perfectly acceptable of these ladies to want to entertain the soldiers that served our countries. The only problem s that they weren't doing it of their own free will.  

    Instead, the subjects that were being shuttled around with Bob Hope were mind-controlled sex slaves.  Bob was their pimp.  He was their handler.  He would parade these women around overseas after dosing them with frequencies that would make them susceptible to acting certain ways.  The USO was in close cahoots with the mind developers and engineers who worked on MKULTRA and later on PROJECT MONARCH.  

    These women would be taken to generals and high-ranking soldiers and diplomats.  They'd put on private shows for these men.  Many (ok, most, let's face it0 were sexually explicit.  Here's the thing-- these powerful military and diplomatic leadrs were either already initiated into the ranks of the Illuminati or would soon be initiated, where they'd go home, find jobs with the US government, milk the cash cow, and support the covert initiative of a quiet and secret government take over.  

    Some of the subjects that traveled with Bob Hope were even mind-controlled into performing secret sexual rituals that allowed generals and overseas politicians to be inducted into the Illuminati.  Of course, they were only ever low-ranking members, but when you give somebody a little bit of power or an illusion of greatness, it gets them drunk on power.  At that point, they are willing to do whatever you say.  

    Later and current members of the USO include people like Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Carmen Elektra, and Lady Gaga.  They'd never know they were under the sphere of influence because their minds were specifically programmed to tune these episodes out.  They were specifically programmed to not remember the things they did or that they partook in secret rituals.  

    Bob Hope was indeed the pioneer of the program, but his efforts were "beta" level and served a great purpose.  If the USO could get these mind-controlled women to persuade generals and politicians to join the Illuminati's cause, the USO knew that they could reach great heights.  Little by little they started inducting many of the Hollywood  Elite, both males and females into the servitude of the USO.

    This is unbeknownst to them of course, and they'd be completely under the control of USO designated handles.  The handlers control their subjects' minds with frequency generators.  These generators allow them to communicate with their subjects via hand signals to achieve desired results.  

    For the most part, these subjects would-be pop stars that were manufactured by Hollywood Freemasons in order to further their agenda.  They are liberal-leaning airheads that spew whatever they are told to spew.  However, sometimes they are politicians and other socialites, too.  If you think somebody isn't handling Joe Biden, you should honestly take another look.

    Tragically, it's really not their fault, as they are designed to do as such.  It doesn't make it any less frustrating.  They are designed to push a liberal agenda that will eventually usher in at the end of times. Although, George Bush was also a mind-control subject a la Colin Powell who was his handler, and Condeleeza Rice after that.  After Condi was done being his handler she was sent back to Standford as the Hoover Institution's Director.  Her mission?  To recruit more young mind's to be able to control and manipulate-- business leaders, politicians, and others.  Meanwhile Bush is quite frequently seen palling around with the Obama's and the Clintons.  It really makes you wonder if the entire establishment hasn't gone moderately liberal at this point.    

    Anyway, think about liberal ideals for just a second.  Shout my abortion, genderless drones (non-binary they/them people), global economies and one-world governments, forced vaccinations, masked-up people hiding their identities.  They are things that have been warned about.  They are all things that teach people to fall in line and do as they are told.  And to bring this thing full circle, that was the intention of Bob Hope when he traveled with his mind-controlled women who were subservient to his commands, doing as he told them to do with whom he told them to do it.  He wanted to see how far he could push the envelope with the mind-control stuff.  He wanted to see if he could create subservient drones that would do whatever he told them to do without fail.  Also, sexual rituals were a thing that happened, too.  

    He brought his findings back to the United States and the people in charge of places like the CSO, Project Monarch, MKULTRA, and other government and private shadow organizations.  They clearly understood the assignment, because they've evolved the program so much that they are now doing full Satanic rituals on nationally televised programs such as the Grammy's, the Emmy's, and the MTV Music Awards.  We live in an age of social media where people emulate and try to personify their favorite stars via "challenges".  They want so much to be like the famous people they adore that they hang on every word they say and do exactly what they are told.  That ladies and gentlemen is the ultimate form of mind control.  

    As for this piece, this piece is the ultimate item for mind control.  It is a bronze snake ring, which has multiple meanings.  The first of which is obvious.  This bronze snake symbolizes their ability to weave in and out of others' minds. TO control the minds of others at all costs.  When you are wearing this piece all you will do is think. You will picture your target's face in your mind, allowing you to invade their brain and control their thoughts, emotions, how they act, etc.  This piece will also act as a shield to prevent anybody from doing this to you.  This way, when the Satanic forces of the end times do creep in (and they're coming) nobody will be able to control your mind.  

    As an added bonus this piece has been imparted with pure ILlumanati magical creation energy.  With this piece and your bodily energy, your bronze serpent will be transformed into a serpent of knowledge.  You can request things from the serpent-- the creation of magic, the ability to see the future.  the ability to create your own destiny, or anything else you may desire.

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