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Seal of the seven Archangels

Seal of the seven Archangels

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We have two of the following rings.  They are original Seals of the Seven Archangels.  One is a size 11 and the other is a size 12.  These are the only two we will ever get, as these are the only two that our connection was able to come across!


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    This piece is the most white light piece that we have offered in some time.  IT is extremely powerful in what it can do for you because the powers come directly from the Hand of God.  This is so because he created the Heavenly host and among them the archangels.  Above all others, seven archangels are known as the Seven Princes of Heaven.  These are the seven angels to whom God has entrusted the entirety of His power.  

    The piece that we are offering has quite a storied past.  It originates in the 13 colonies of a fledgling United States of America and a young George Washington.  Washington was bound for greatness and success since birth.  He was born into a family of American newcomers who had been part of Masonic society for quite some time.  Maybe the history books will tell you that, maybe they won't.   I know what I'm talking about, though.  I've researched with sources that regular people not akin to the metaphysical would not have access to.  

    I'm not trying to diminish what Washington did by any means.  He was a heroic man that fought valiantly against Great Britain to earn independence for what would eventually become the United States of America.  I'm simply saying that the odds we kind of stacked in his favor since the onset.  

    I was fortunate to acquire a journal that was written by young Washington.  Among other strange accounts was something that I found particularly peculiar.  Augustine Washington, his father, was involved in some sort of mysterious secret society.  It was a variance of Freemasonry and there are accounts written in the journal of extended meetings with men unknown to young Washington.  These men came by the invitation of Augustine who would disappear for days on end when they'd show up.  

    What was really going on is now simple to understand, but for young Washington wasn't very simple at all.  Augustine was meeting with fellow mason in order to summon the power of seven very powerful angels that would pave the way for the future United States of America.  They would grant Augustine and his men the power to establish a nation that would not only beat the most powerful military in the world at that time but go on to become the premier world superpower.  

    Later on, before Augustine died he showed young George his secrets.  The future president was only 12 when his father died, so a lot of pressure was put on him at a young age.  Among those pressures was the fact that he was chosen, over his siblings, to be the new leader of the American Freemasons that Augustine once did.  When he was 13, he began his training.  

    He quickly climbed through the ranks of Masonic Degrees and became even more powerful than his father had once been.  He was able to unlock a world of magic and power that was unlike any he had experienced before.  Many of the Freemasons agreed that Washington was "the chosen one" that was written about in their rites.  He used the magic that was revealed to him to gain victory over the British and establish, even if it is unbeknownst to most citizens, a Masonic State.  This is why the constitution is so heavy on freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and freedom of religion.  

    It's also why architects built Washington DC to match Masonic symbolism.  For instance, the roads form a Pentagram in Washington DC.  There are many, many Masonic symbols on the architecture in Philadelphia, which was once the Capital of the United States of America.  We've documented this well before and have even offered items that correspond to the powers that this pentagram offers people-- mainly the government, who has become corrupt and will inevitably usher in something horrible.  

    however, it wasn't always like that.  At first, the Masonic secrets were used to build what Washington hoped would be a new promised land.  As far as the pentagram in DC goes?  Washington envisioned it as a way to usher in the ancient magic that his father has revealed to him when he was a child.  Again, this magic involved the summoning of seven very powerful archangels, the ones that Augustine called the Princes of Heaven.  

    Not all people who have the ability to become immortal do so and Washington was one of those people.  At the secretive Masonic convention that was held in Virginia for his like-minded colleagues, Washington revealed the secrets that were given to him by Augustine.  He specifically chose Thomas Jefferson (who would also later go on to lead both the American Freemasons and the country) to bequeath his magic to.  

    Thomas Jefferson specifically took this magic and ran with it, as he would become the next leader of the American Freemasonry.  In 1813, Jefferson founded the University of  Virginia.  While this University was founded with good intentions, it was also founded by Jefferson with the hidden intention of finding members of society to whom he could entrust the information that George Washington had left him with.  This secret society would eventually go on to be called the Seven Society.

    I don't want to overload your brain with too much information at once, so I will give you just a brief run-down of what the Seven Society has evolved into.  First and foremost, it has become the most secretive society in America.  Nobody knows who is part of the Seven Society until they die.  Upon death, they receive a wreath of black magnolias on their gravesite in the shape of a number seven.  As such, we cannot really speculate as to whether these are people of high social standing or if they are normal people like you and me.

    The fact is that there is no effective way to contact the seven societies other than placing a letter in the crook of a Thomas Jefferson statue's arm in the university's historic rotunda.  There is no clear history of the society's founding.  Some say the society was officially founded in 1905.  Others claim that it was earlier than that.  The truth is that nobody really truly knows.  

    The most visible tradition of the Seven society is the fact that they paint large versions of their logo in various spots on the university's campus.  The logo consists of a large number seven surrounded by the symbols for the Greek letters Alpha and Omega and the symbol for eternity that looks like a sideways number eight.

    The Seven Society aptly keeps the secrets of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington before him.  They are all Masons of the top degree because becoming one is a requirement of joining.  However, their knowledge goes way above and beyond and that is thanks to the magical seal and knowledge that was first passed from Augustine to George, then passed from George to Thomas, then passed down along a successive line of society members who have all sworn secrecy and protection of the power.

    The seal is not the same as the logo for the Seven Society.  While the aspects of the Seven Society-- the Alpha, the Omega, and Infinity, certainly go hand in hand with the seal, the true secret lies elsewhere.  I lie within something called the Seal of the Seven Archangels.  

    The Seal of the Seven Archangels is a magical tradition that dates back to ancient Kabbalah.  It was a gift that was given by God to the wise King Solomon.  The seal is essentially a portal that is opened in order to access the powers of each of the archangels.  The portal not only allows you to call the angel out by name to request their magic, but it allows the angel to step through in their spiritual form so that way you can communicate with them.  

    This is why Augustine would disappear with his society for days at a time.  He had been given an original Solomonic seal that came from the first temple.  I'm not entirely sure how he came into possession of it, but it has something to do with an expedition to the Middle East that his father, Lawrence Washington was involved in.  I don't know if it was some sort of scientific expedition or if it was metaphysical.  Maybe it had something to do with Masonic or Rosicrucian society.  We just honestly don't.  

    What we know is that there was a tablet that was found and brought back.  This tablet was given by Lawrence to Augustine.  Then, it was passed from Augustine to George.  You know the rest.  Currently, the tablet is in a secret spot, guarded by the Seven Society.  The tablet itself is gold that was written upon by the finger of God, the same way the original Ten Commandments were written before Moses came down from the mountain and smashed them.  

    What we are offering is a ring that is technically an insignia ring for a member of the Seven Society.  It is much more than that, though.  It features a Seal of the Seven Archangels that has been made with the original seal that was written by the Finger of God.  This seal is a fully functioning, portable seal that can be used to call forth any of the seven archangels at any time.  They have unlimited power and magic and as I've you before there is nothing out of the scope of possibility when you are calling upon their magic to help you.  

    Each of the archangels represents a gate behind which is a different type of unlimited power and magic.  These are the secrets of God.  They are the secrets of the universe.  They provide the most powerful type of white light and divine magic possible.  This is because these seven archangels-- the Princes of Heaven-- were designed to carry God's power just like the Seven Society was designed to carry the burden and the gift of the original tablets.  

    I feel like at this point you should understand what it is you are getting. Again, this is a real, fully functioning Seal of the Seven Archangels.  Specific instructions will only be given to the person who purchases this item.  We don't want it falling into the wrong hands and somehow they end up knowing to look here for instructions on how to use it.  Below is a list of the Seven Archangels and the magic and knowledge that they offer you.  

    Ezekiel--  His name literally means the Knowledge of God.  When calling upon this angel you will receive-- you guessed it-- the entirety of God's knowledge.  From the moment he was created out of universal chaos up until the very moment you use this ring, you will receive everything that God knows, which is everything in the universe.  Specifically, you will receive the ability to access the Akashic Records, which records history as it happens.  there has not been anything that has happened that has not been recorded by the Akasha and this angel will allow you full access to it.

    Tzadkiel-- His name means the Angel of Freedom.  This will allow you to break free of the mutiny that mortal existence. You will no longer be bound by flesh chains, as you can escape your mortal vessel in soul form.  This angel holds the power of direct transcendence to the seven realms of Heaven.  You will be propelled from your mortal existence into white light existence, where the white light secrets and magic of Heaven will be revealed to you.  These are the secrets of the crystal pyramid, as well as God's mansions, and more! 

    Samael--  He is known as the venom of God and also the Destroyer.  He is sent by God to destroy malicious and dark adversaries.  With the power of Samael, you will gain the ability to speak with the authority of God.  You will have full control over all other entities, specifically the evil entities that haunt the Earth in droves.  The veil that hides the existence of Satanic influence will be dropped from your mind and you will be able to identify these Luciferian scoundrels for what they are.  You will be able to defeat them and send them back to the sulfurous pits of Hell where they belong.  You will be able to do perform exercises and simple extractions with the ability to banish any unclean or dark spirits you come across.

    Raphael--  He is the healing angel who does all types of healing, both physical and spiritual.  He has been given the full powers of healing from God.  He will reveal magic to you that will help you in your quest to perfect your healing technique.  Spiritual healing will include the opening of the chakras, cleansing of the soul, brightening of the aura, etc.  You will receive a full psychic awakening via the healing that is offered.  Raphael is also the angel that holds the scrolls of immortality and longevity and he has the ability to grant you physical and mortal life for as long as you would like it.  

    Haniel--    He is the archangel of Joy and Intuitive guidance.  He is the one that helps you get what you want out of life, regardless of what that might be.  He is the one that helps you overcome all of your obstacles to be successful in all that you do.  He is the one that allows you to make changes to your fate and to your destiny if you wish to do that.  He will guide you along the divine path that Go has created for you, but with the ability to make changes as you go.  You will be able to experience whatever you want to out of life with this piece.  

    Michael--  His name means God's Providence and he will protect you from anything that means to harm you.  He will keep you safe at all costs.  He is also the miracle-bearing angel, as he has been given authority over all religious phenomena.  If you desire a miracle, all you have to do is access the power of the Archangel Michael, as he has been given the ability to grant them.  He has also been given the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.  He will share them with you and they will give you divine insight ad the ability to see through God's eyes.  It will give you the ability to master all concepts of what it means to exist as God in your mortal form. He is God's warrior angel and will go to battle for you.

    Gabriel--  Gabriel is God's Messenger angel.  He provides clarity of knowledge to allow you to understand exactly what you are receiving and how to use it to your advantage.  He also delivers holy visions of all things, but specifically the impending End of Times.  He will give you a firsthand account of al things that happened in the Book of Revelations, allowing you to experience it as if you were really there.  This will allow you to know the secrets of the Bible.  It will give you the evolution of mind and illumination of existence to allow you to exist in God's holy knowledge.  He will shed enlightenment and discernment upon you and allow you to know things that only the mind of God knows.  He will also reveal the 72 Names of God to you-- the 72 Holy attributes and powers of God.

    This is the knowledge that is afforded by this piece.  Together these Archangels will allow you to inherit the Kingdom of God when it alls from the skies after the Seven trumpets sound and the armies of darkness invade the Earth. They will eventually be defeated and rescind to the pits of Hell where they belong.  Left in the wake of what used to be will be a new kingdom of enlightenment and divine evolution.  This piece allows you to experience that stage of existence while still living in your mortal skin.  

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