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Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch

SKU: 9122102


This piece is a beautiful sterling silver bracelet with green stones.

This piece holds a very powerful specimen. IT pulls its power from a dolmen that we found in Europe on an investigation. This dolmen is hidden deep in the woods in an undisclosed location. I'd tell you where we found it, but the locals we encountered near the place told us that those who reveal the secret location of the dolmen become cursed. They wouldn't even help us with our investigation.

Our investigation started when we received a strange letter in the mail. It wasn't a letter at all. It was a set of coordinates that were chiseled into a small stone. We had no idea what the coordinates were about, so we had no other choice than to go and find their location.

Honestly, I don't know why we were chosen for this project. You might be wondering why somebody decided to send us coordinates to this location if it meant they were going to become cursed. The answer is that they sent us coordinates of a tree in a forest. The dolmen was behind that tree. It wasn't easy terrain either, because the dolmen didn't exactly have a path that led up to it. That was the whole point in us having to find it.

Anyway, we get to the dolmen. You know what? Maybe I should explain what a dolmen is. So, a dolmen is this type of burial chamber that goes back to the neolithic period. I would try to describe what they look like exactly, but it would be easier if you just take a second to look it up on the internet. We get to this dolmen and Deedee gets a bit paranoid. She looks at me and says, "Steve, I don't like the way this feels."

I told her that we could turn back if she wanted and she declined. She said something along the lines of us already finding the place. Mind you, this was quite a few years back. we were both in much better shape back then. Still, she somehow managed to trip. She landed and when she did her hand ended up on the dolmen. Her eyes went back into her head.

She immediately went full-blown psychic. Obviously, I couldn't see what she was seeing but I could tell by the looks on her face that it was something awful. Later on, she told me that the dolmen was an ancient site of burial, which we already knew. This particular dolmen wasn't like the normal ones. This was used as a prison for the spirit of a very powerful entity. She said she didn't know what to call the entity, but for our intents and purpose, she called it a witch.

This witch as she called it lived in a small village of about 40 or so people that used to exist around where the dolmen was located. It isn't there anymore because the witch cursed the land. She didn't just do this because she was a witch, but it was an eye for an eye.

I can't say that she was explicitly executed by her townspeople because she was a witch. Pagan beliefs and beliefs in the dead and their influence over the living were practiced in ancient times at the location that we found the dolmen. It wasn't uncommon for people to do magic, but the power that was inside of the witch was so excessively powerful that the townsfolk began to grow jealous of her.

The witch-- we called her Aggie because she never really had a name-- was able to bring good things for herself because she was born naturally powerful. Her spells were the most powerful. She was able to bring a good harvest. She stayed in good health and illness never befell her. Then, one year the rest of the townsfolk had a bad harvest. They blamed Aggie and said that it must've been her that caused the bad harvest. After all, her powers were the strongest.

The people of the village confronted her about it. Of course, Aggie denied it, but it was too late because the majority of them already had their minds made up. Aggie caused their bad harvest and she was to pay for it. They gathered her up, taking her out to a fresh document that was built, and by the light of the full moon, they lit a fire on burnt Aggie inside of the dolmen. They spelled the dolmen so that way her spirit could never escape.

Before she died, though, Aggie cursed the village and the ground that it stood on. Nothing grew while the village was there. When the villagers moved the ground became overrun with trees and other forest matter. She has been bound to the dolmen until now. We were able to break the curse and set her free. Her presence is now summoned by this piece.

As a reward for her release, she works with whoever owns this piece. She was born as a magical anomaly. She must have been the seventh daughter or something like that. We don't know. Maybe she was born of a certain bloodline. Whatever the case may be, Aggie is incredibly powerful. She can cast any spell that you can think of. Good health, wealth, love, luck, locating, revenge, and all kinds of spells will be cast for you.

She is well-versed in interdimensional travel and will help you learn that also. She grants full psychic awakening. She grants abundance in all things. She reveals the shadowy secrets of the universe that were revealed to her as a child. She doesn't know why she was chosen for greatness and neither to do we-- but her magic is the point. Her spells are ten times power powerful than any other caster we have ever worked with.

Aggie is one-of-a-kind. Her item is one-of-a-kind. You do not want to miss out on your chance with this piece. Oh, she also does lunar magic and necromancy, as well. She will help you harness the powers of the cosmos and the zodiac and can summon the dead in spirit form. She is a powerful witch, you know, or whatever she is.

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