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Secret Order of the Golden Dragon-- Seahorses

Secret Order of the Golden Dragon-- Seahorses

SKU: 5262127


This piece comes to you from Asia.  It was acquired from a group that calls itself the Secret Order of the Golden Dragon.  For our intents and purposes, I'm going to simply refer to them as the Order.  The Order of the Golden Dragon actually deals with all sorts of dragons, but they realize that the golden dragon is the most important.  That's because the Gold Dragon is the one that reigns supreme over all other dragons.  

You might be wondering what is so special about the Golden Dragon?  So, not only does the Golden Dragon reign over all other types of dragons, but it also reigns over all types o wealth.  Well, it doesn't necessarily reign over wealth. I should say that it encompasses all other types of wealth.  It can summon and grant literally any type of wealth and that is how it has received its name, the Golden Dragon.  

The Order of the Golden Dragon has dedicated its existence to acquiring and maintaining the mighty wealth powers of the Golden Dragon.  They have been unquestionably successful, as the group has gone on to live extremely lavish and abundant lifestyles.  They aren't these little holed-up Chinamen that live in temples and take care of Bonzai trees.  Rather, they are successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, and aristocrats.  

They made a collection of items and of those items we have received two.  One is a fish.  One is a seahorse.  These pieces grant you unprecedented wealth.  They bridge the Golden Dragon's presence with your own ,so that way you can command the energies of the universe and speak your own sort of wealth into existence, whatever that might be.  
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