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See What You See, Become What You Want

See What You See, Become What You Want

SKU: 8132130

This piece is a beautiful sterling silver ring with a pale pink to purple ombre.  It’s fun to look at, but honestly the powers that this piece grants you are even better.  The piece boasts ancient Venetian magic, not from the city of Venice but from the actual Veneti peoples.  They inhabited the area that later became the Republic of Venice, which later became part of the country Italy.  

Anyway, the Veneti people were extremely powerful people, but they were also very particular people.  They knew what they wanted and went after it, which is why Venice was the world’s first recognized financial district.  It wasn’t happenstance.  It was because the magic of the ancient Veneti people set up their descendants to become incredibly wealthy.  

This wealth eventually landed many of the bankers and financiers spots in the prestigious Bavarian Illuminati, which now unfortunately and secretly rules the world.  Thi is the caliber of magic we are talking about.  It is the actual ability to be able to communicate with the future.  As bizarre as that sounds, this is the ability that this piece gives and it is a very powerful tool indeed.  

When you bond with the powers that are in this piece, you will be able to connect with it on an intimate level.  You will be able to propose certain ideas and the magic in this piece has the ability to show you what your future would look like should you actually go through with what you are proposing. 

You can use this piece to help guide you through life.  You will be able to see the consequences and repercussions of your decisions, whether positive, negative, or otherwise.  For instance, you can use this piece to see what would happen if you took a promotion, bought a certain type of stock, invested in a certain business, changed careers, had a child, divorced your spouse, This piece will put things into perspective for you and then you will be able to make the best, most informed decision based on how you want to live your life.
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