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Seeing Through the Bucegi Eye

Seeing Through the Bucegi Eye

SKU: 5112103

This piece is a sterling ring with a stone on it.  

This piece is extremely powerful, despite there not really being much to say about it.  We were on an investigation when we found it. This investigation took place at the Bucegi Sphinx and we've been there before in physical form, so we astral traveled this time.  

We came across a secret chamber in which there was a small statue of Isis with an ancient inscription  that translates to "Through her eyes, you will see all great things."  Immediately we knew that this had something to do with the statue of Isis we encountered.  

We had a connection and extraction ritual and we were able to unlock a secret esoteric property that lives within the Bucegia Sphinx that we are called the Bucegia Eye.  The fact is that it is actually a giant chakra within the Bucegia Sphinx that is directly connected to that of Isis.  As such when you connect to the third eye of the Bucegi Sphinx you are also acquiring the ability to through the third eye of Isis herself  

Seeing through the Eye of Bucegia Sphinx and by proxy, the Eye of Isis will bring you a swath of magic that you probably didn't even know was possible.  Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, so when you are seeing through her third eye you will be able to summon forth any type of ancient Egyptian magic that you desire-- such as Necromancy, the knowledge and magic of the pyramids, the magic of ancient Pharaohs, the magic of the constellations and the stars, so on and so forth.  There is no magic that Isis does not know.  She is the goddess of magic!!

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