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Serial Theory

Serial Theory

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J.W. Dunne was a British aeronautical engineer and philosopher who developed the "Serial Theory," a fascinating concept that challenges our traditional view of time. Dunne's theory suggests that time is not an absolute, objective reality but rather a fluid, subjective experience that varies from person to person. He arrived at this theory after experiencing precognitive dreams that accurately predicted future events.

The "Serial Theory" proposes that the past, present, and future are not separate and linear but rather intertwined and accessible through altered states of consciousness such as dreaming. This idea has significant implications for our understanding of reality and the nature of consciousness. It suggests that our perception of time is not necessarily objective or accurate, but rather a subjective experience influenced by our thoughts and emotions.

Despite initial skepticism, Dunne's theory has fascinated and inspired philosophers, scientists, and creatives over the years. It has been explored in literature, such as the works of J.B. Priestley, and has been studied scientifically in phenomena such as precognition and deja vu.

Dunne's time theory offers a unique perspective on the mysteries of the human mind and the nature of our existence. Its ideas challenge our conventional view of time and raise profound questions about the nature of reality and consciousness. Though it is a radical concept that may be difficult to comprehend, it’s still true.

This ring which I know is hard to see because its hinge works perfectly, moves you through time. It brings together both psychic ability, deja vu, lucid dreaming and astral meditation! That is the key, not astral travel but astral meditation!

To use this rare vintage piece just set the dial to anything and then sit or lay and relax. By relax I mean to let your mind wander and go wherever it wants to. The key is before you do that is to think even briefly about where you want to go. When your mind gets there all you experience and see will not be real. Now here is where you should say, so why am I buying it? Because the important things you see will happen and be given to you. Bad things will seem real but in the physical walking life you will be able to avoid them.

This ring is vintage and well made with at least one dragons blood stone. Take care of it as vintage. Things back then were well made but don’t go playing basketball or attending fight night with it. Oh and for those saying playing basketball is racist, get a f-ing life! And my father, biological father was a fighter! Yes I had some brainless twat say that basketball was racist against black people. FFS!!!

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