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Serpentine Ring of Knowledge

Serpentine Ring of Knowledge

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Dee Dee.


    How I acquired this piece was very strange.  We got this piece from the underground auction and we were told that it gives a connection to a serpent of knowledge named Serkot.  The energy in this piece is very present and I knew that getting into it.  However, when testing this piece I found out exactly how potent this piece was it became clear exactly how powerful the piece is.  

    First of all, let me just say that we are not alone on this earth.  There are various other types of entities that cohabitate on the Earth with us.  There are full realms of existence that exist right of human sight.  Existence is just like hearing.  There are parts and realms of existence that exist outside of mortal visual acuity.  They exist in a spiritual nature or otherwise, but since humanity was only designed to see what is physically in front of them, they aren't able to see or experience the other parts of reality.  

    This is kind of where this begins.  We called it the Serpentine Knowledge Ring, only because "the Serpentine Knowledge Ring of Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know," was too long.  However, that's precisely what this piece is.  Serkot lives within.  I worked with this piece personally.  Please allow me to describe to you the exact way this piece worked for me.  It was an experience I'll not soon forget.  

    As I was picking this piece up to test it I slid it onto my finger.  I have a habit of slipping rings on my finger when I work with pieces at the office.  The moment I did, I was frozen.  I was paralyzed.  We have since worked out details of this piece so it doesn't happen to you this way, but this is my story.  Usually, I'm not that scared when it comes to testing these pieces.  Given the fact that I couldn't move any muscle in my body, I think I was more than slightly justified in this instance.  

    Nobody was in the office with me,  I would have clutched for the protection piece I normally wear, but I couldn't move anything at all.  I saw my reflection in the window and saw that it wasn't around my neck.  Deedee tells me all the time to make sure I'm wearing that piece before I begin testing.  I guess I should be better at remembering.  

    The room began to fill with this dense fog.  This fog was so thick I could have cut it with a knife.  It rolled into the room like fog rolls off of a lake.  With it came this serpentine being.  I have to stop short of calling it a serpent entirely because while it had the body of a serpent and crawled on its belly it also had the head of a human being.  It was a tiny head that was proportionate to its snakey body.

    The head looked like a haggard old lady.  It came into better view as it inched its way closer and closer to me, her gaze never leaving my body.  It reach my foot and began to coil around my leg.  It then began to slowly coil around my entire body.  By the time it was done wrapping itself around my body its head was even with mine.  The ugly little head just hung there, suspended in midair.  I was thinking to myself, "this is it.  Your forgetfulness is finally going to kill you, Steve.  You're done for."  

    The head inched closer to my face.  Its beady little eyes made contact with my own.  It's not like I could move my head, so its eyes stared directly into my mind.  As it gazed into my eyes it also began to his, its tongue flicky back and forth.  Then I felt something like a pop within my brain.  I don't know how else to describe it.  Then I heard this whispering voice begin talking to me.  "Why do you fear, human?"  I do not wish to hurt you."  

    This wasn't my first rodeo, so I began thinking about my responses.  "You have to be bound.  Why?"  

    "This is how the process works, human.  Why else would I want to wrap my body around yours?  This is not fun for me either."  

    "So who are you?" I questioned.  

    "We are many, but I am Serkot."  the tiny head responded.  

    "What do you want with me, then?  I asked.  

    "It is not I that place the ring on my finger, but you.  You have summoned me, not the other way around, mortal."  

    "I see.  I guess that kind of makes sense now." I responded.  

    "Ahhh, see.  We are getting somewhere now, are we not?" Seiko responded.  "so what is it that you request of me.  What would you like to know?"  

    I thought hard about it for a moment.  

    "Do not lament human.  I can hear you thinking.  You can call me forth anytime you desire.  Simply tell me what you desire to know and I will show it to you."  

    "I want to see your origins.  I want to know who you are." I thought.  

    "As you wish," he replied.  

    At this, there came another great pop from within my brain.  I was taken to a great void.  In the void there was nothing.  Then out of the nothing there came a great light.  It was an abundance of knowledge.  As it shown forth, the rays of this light were transformed into beings that crawled through the universe on their stomachs.  Each of the rays was a strand of knowledge.  This knowledge was embedded inside the serpent as they were released into the universe.  

    Then, I was shown Earth.  I was shown the serpent in the Garde of Eden.  I was shown the serpents that guard the Tree of Eden.  I was shown the Ouroboros that exists in the pyramid.  I was shown the Jormungandr that encircled Midgard and human existence.  I was shown the ancient dragons of the Orient.  I was shown the great feathered serpent of the Mayan peoples.  The wyvern with all his knowledge of wealth and abundance.  

    I saw the talking serpents of the Medusa.  I saw the snaked of Forbidden Knowledge that was driven out of Ireland by Saint Patrick.  I was shown the Naga Snakes who pulled the chariot of the afterlife and the knowledge they bore to the immortal soul.  I was shown Bai Shuzhen, the ancient Chinese serpent spirit, and bearer of light.  The existence of all these serpentine beings, and more, flashed before my eyes.  

    Then I was taken to Earth and shown existence as we know it.  Things seemed normal at first, but there came a great quake and everything on Earth became dust.  When the dust settled a new civilization existed.  It was a civilization of advanced, serpentine beings.  They knew every kind of magic.  They knew every kind of knowledge.  They walked upright as humans do, but they were still serpentine.  Then the serpent began to speak to me again.  

    "I am we.  We are I.  I am born of the Cosmic light, sent forth to bear the hidden and secret knowledge of the universe.  It is the universal fruit.  I am with the beginning and I do not end.  I simply am.  We simply are."  

    "So, you are the presence of all knowledge serpents?" I asked.  

    "Do you not see, mortal?  We have been released out of the never-ending light.  We are the cosmic rays.  We are the serpents of knowledge.  We live on Earth, apart from humanity.  We bear the knowledge of the universe for those who desire to know it.  We exist individually and as one.  We are universal knowledge.  We are all that you desire to know.  We reveal what is hidden.  Is there something else you desire to know, mortal?"

    "Yeah, I'd like to see my most previous life cycle,"  I asked this because I already knew it and wanted to make sure that I wasn't being tricked.  The snake gazed intently into my eyes and as he did it burned an image into my mind.  It was a moving image that played my entire previous life for me in my mind as if it were a movie.  It was vividly detailed and made me feel as if I was reliving it.  It was incredible.     

    After I was shown what I asked to see, the gaze upon me by the serpent broke.  I was able to move my body once more.  The food left and it was just me in the room.  The serpent had disappeared as well.  That was the first time I used this piece.  The second time I used this piece it was quite a bit different.  The second time I put the piece on my finger was less dramatic and I implored that the serpent keeps it that way from now.  This time the serpent simply appeared to me in spiritual form.  This is how he will appear to you.  I spoke to him telepathically, once again.  
    During this conversation, he explained that all serpents of knowledge descended from a higher existence, which was the light I had seen previously.  The rays of the everlasting light had become individual serpents of knowledge.  They came not only to Earth but throughout the entire universe.  They live in places like sacred trees, among constellations, monolithic structures, even sometimes in the center of planets.  They exist everywhere.  This is what I was shown the second time I used the piece.  

    The objective with this is that it holds Serkot, an immortal wealth serpent.  He is a liaison that will connect you to other wealthy serpents because they are all interconnected.  This piece gives you access not only to the wealthy serpents I've named but others.  These are not only knowledge serpents from through history on Earth, but all over the universe.  They can feed you any type of knowledge you want to attain.  They can show you anything you want to see.  They can give you any answers you have a question for.  They can deliver you the knowledge of any magic in the universe.  

    The ring is vintage.  It has been made with 18k gold and real diamonds.  It is very powerful and extremely unique.  This is a piece that you want to add to your collection.  

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