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Serpentine Soul of Knowledge

Serpentine Soul of Knowledge

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This piece takes us to Finland of all places.  I have to admit of any of the places that we've been on the investigation, I cannot say that Finland comes to mind.  If we were there, I'd forgotten about it.  Nevertheless, that is where this piece comes from.  

Its powers originate from a wooden staff that was found on the shore and wetlands of Rautajarvi Lake, here on out referred to as RJ Lake, because that name is awful to type.  The staff is in the shape of a serpent, which is interesting.  

Remember the story of Moses and the Pharaoh.  They were basically having a pissing contest to see who was more powerful.  Pharaoh threw his staff down and it turned into a serpent.  Then Moses threw his staff down and it turned into a larger serpent that ate Pharoah's serpent.  

My point is that serpent staffs have long been seen as symbols and tokes of absolute power.  This staff is no different, except it goes a step further and allows you to really delve into the wide world of magic.  It once belonged to an ancient sorcerer and we don't really have a name for him, but we call him the Sorcerer of the Lake.  He lived near the lake that would eventually come to be known as RJ Lake in Finland.  

The staff comes from the Neolithic period and even archaeologists admit that it is unlike most artifacts they would find for the period.  That's because this find is rare and the staff itself is alive.  The researchers don't know that, but we do.  We were given a rare opportunity to work with the staff.  The department of antiquities in Finland thinks they still have the original.  It was swapped for an imposter a while back.  

The original staff has been circulating among paranormal societies around the world.  I'm not saying that we are the only people in the world to crack the case of the snake staff, but we are the only people who have taken it upon ourselves to share the wealth of knowledge.  

Now, since we didn't get to keep the staff forever, we had to transfer its power into a piece.  That is what we are offering you  It's a bracelet.  It's sterling silver with clear stones and all-natural gemstones.  It holds the power of the staff, which we are going to get into now.  

The staff itself is a living, breathing entity.  It has a soul that lives within just as most living entities do.  The soul that is within the staff is that of a serpent of knowledge, which has come from Heaven just as the serpent that God gifted Moses in the Old Testament.  That's why I brought that up.  It's almost as if God was trying to speak to people in ancient Europe even before he was speaking to the Israelites.  

The serpent is all white light, it's not a serpent that beguiles, and it can ascertain any type of knowledge that you want.  Now, just because the serpent is white light doesn't mean that it cannot access knowledge that is dull or dark.  It just prefers to remain in the light itself. Just another similarity to the rod of Moses.  

Here's what we have done specifically.  We have extracted the serpentine soul from the living staff.  We have placed that into this piece.  We kept the staff moving as that was the agreement, but I honestly think that nobody has even noticed that it had a soul in the first place.  Nobodys' said anything and at this point, they won't.  

This serpent of knowledge can bring you any kind of magic that you want.  When you wear this piece you will bond with the serpentine soul.  You will tell it the type of magic and knowledge you desire.  The serpent is an interdimensional being and can travel where it wants to go at its leisure.  Thus, it can travel anywhere it needs to go to travel to uncover and find the powers and magic that you request of it.  Think of it as a bitcoin mining operation, except you are sending this very capable entity to mine it for you.  It will then bring it back.

The potential is unlimited with this piece. We aren't sure what magic he brought to the ancient sorcerer.  We don't have that information.  It would have been kind of nice to know, but the bottom line is that it doesn't matter what the piece brought to anybody else.  It will search out and bring you whatever it is you want or need back to you.  It's the ultimate white light knowledge serpent and will allow you to grow in power and ability.
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