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Seventy-Two Crusaders and the Names of God

Seventy-Two Crusaders and the Names of God

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This cross is one of the ones carried by the 72 Crusaders.  The 72 Crusaders are immortal beings.  They weren't always immortal, but in ancient times they became immortal when God ordered each of the 12 tribes of Israel to give up 6 of their firstborns as a tribute to God.  They did this pretty much unanimously and without question. they perceived that their firstborn children were going to be used in some sort of sacrificial ritual.  However, what was planned for these 72 was a union-- a brotherhood of individuals that would preserve the powers of the Ein Sof and the 72 Names of God.  

Each of the firstborns that were dedicated to God was taken ascended into Heaven in the same fashion as the prophet Elijah.  A chariot came down for them and swept them into Heaven.  Once there, they were baptized of the holy flame and cleansed of their humanity and sin.  Then, they each received a marking from God.  This marking went behind their right ear and was very tiny.  It was a divine branding that emitted the power from God into them.  They were then sent back to Earth with one job and one job only-- guard the 72 Names.  We've told you before that the 72 names of God are his innate 72 forms of magic that cannot be put into words because there are no words to describe them.  

Fast-forward thousands of years and here we are.  We are on the brink of an Apocalypse and the 72 Crusaders are still alive and kicking.  Only they have conglomerated into one acting entity.  They are separate, but they live in a hive mind.  Whatever happens to one, they can all see.  This means they each share the secrets of the 72 Names and Powers of God.  Furthermore, to ready the world for the Apocalypse each of the Crusaders has been allowed to enlist the help of one mortal.  This mortal is given a piece that, when worn, will allow them to become part of the hive mind.  They will be able to secretly know what is going on in Heaven and Earth.  Where are the evil forces massing?  Who can be trusted?  Where is the Anti-Christ?  Will there be a nuclear war?  When will the beast with seven heads and ten crowns be revealed?  How about the New Babylon?  

Look, not only are you gaining the knowledge and the ability to call forth the 72 secret names of god, but you are getting an in with these magical beings to know the things that are happening and when they are happening, and how you can help overcome them.  All you have to do is wear this piece and allow the energies to merge with your body.  This is one of the pieces that was given to one of the 72 Crusaders to enlist a mortal.  Never mind how we got it.  We have it and that's all that matters.  

To make these enlisting and initiation pieces, normal everyday items were empowered with supernatural energy and magic.  This particular piece is a vintage Mirian Haskell piece.  It is a cross with a gorgeous stone in the center of it.  Don't squander your chances on this piece.  If it is calling to you, the chances are that you are destined for it.  Don't deny your destiny!  This piece is powerful!
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