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Shaking Your Spirit Hands

Shaking Your Spirit Hands

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These decks of which I have three, two I’m selling go to 75 or 78? To use these cards you just shuffle them, cut them and shuffle again. Now, before you do that you have the option of calling a random spirit of luck to draw the numbers or a relative, it’s up to you. I have done both and the relatives don’t work. With that being said it could just be my relatives. If you think yours will just try it and play the pick 3 or 4, something that doesn’t cost a lot. I then used just a random spurt on a pick 3 and won. Just as an exercise I wrote all the numbers down for the scratch offs. So what that means is when you go to buy them they are in rolls at the store and each roll has a number so you just tell the cashier which numbers you want and how many so she knows what roll to take them from. After writing them down I picked out only those numbers from the cards and picked two at a time and I did win on everyone of them. I was given the numbers for one 10 dollar card and one 5, I won a free ticket on the 5 dollar card and 250 on the ten dollar card. Not bad! It’s not a million but I can’t keep testing because I just inherited a ton of supernatural stuff. It’s why you’re not seeing a lot go on right now. I can’t keep storing stuff and I need to move it.

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