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Shape-Shifting Chameleon Alien Life Form

Shape-Shifting Chameleon Alien Life Form

SKU: 5112124


This piece is a one-of-a-kind glass pendant.  within the pendant is a lifeform.  It is an alien lifeform that acts as if it was a chameleon.  when it comes into contact with something, it has the ability to become that same identity.  It replicates everything about that person, right down to their cellular memories, powers, abilities, magic, knowledge, etc.  I mean you name it and the alien can replicate it.  It ever has a few surprise lifeforms of its own that it has brought with it.  You will be able to access those lifeforms if you desire.  If you are a paranormal investigator you can use this piece to house any entities that you might come across during your journeys.  

The best part about this piece, though is that you can use it with other pieces.  For instance, if there is a piece with a sphinx in it and you want the alien form to learn how to become the Sphinx, it is incredibly easy to do that.  If you simply want to teach the lifeform become an all-source of all your other items' powers and abilities.  Or, if you have friends who have magical pieces with entities in them, the alien can also learn to become those creatures.  You can give your friends piece back and your left with their magic!
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