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Shards of Magic and Silver

Shards of Magic and Silver

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This is a piece for the ages. It is a bottle that has been collected by a secret society. It is not the Knight Templar and it is not the Freemasons. The truth is, I cannot tell you exactly who these people are, becuase it was a condition o us acquiring this piece. What I can tell you is that this group is a shadow that society that only ever operates from undisclosed locations, using other people to fulfill their missions and complete their tasks. Nobody seems to really know who these people are, as they communicate only on condition of anonymity. They never reveal their true faces and they never reveal who they are.

Having said that we were put into contact with them and we have received this piece from a worker that they use as a liaison to other members of the underground community, such as ourselves. You will never catch them dealing with the general public and they do not associate with any governments of the world. They do not desire fame. They do not desire power. Their soul mission in existence (I would say life, but I don't know if these are spirit entities, human entities, or even if they are immortal) is to grow in magic.

I will say this much. They have claimed to know the day when the final hour is to come. They say it isn't as far away as what most people seem to think. This leads me to believe that they aren't necessarily human in existence. Maybe they are some kind of hybrid. The reason being is that in the bible it says no man knows the day or the hour when Christ will return. Could it be that they are a break-off sect of the Watchers? We don't really know. Their knowledge is astounding, though.

You will find that in this bottle there are shards of silver. This is real silver. This real silver has come from various places throughout existence. We say existence because not all of the places they have visited are located on Earth. Remember, we are not sure of what type of beings they are and we only have a very vague idea of who we are dealing with.

As you can see in this bottle there are many shards of silver. We will not go over in detail each and every shard that is in there. This would take away from the mysteriousness of the piece and it would honestly take us forever to list them. What we will do is touch on some of the major things that this piece will afford to you when you are using it.

For beginners, this piece holds a scrap of silver from Judas' 30 pieces. This will allow you to retrieve all the ancient knowledge of becoming a sanguine vampire without ever having to become one. You will be able to experience all the power and magic of being a vampire and you won't even have to go through a transformation.

This piece has traveled to Heaven and it holds a scraping of silver from the breastplate of the archangel Michael. This scraping fell from his breastplate as he battled Satan and tossed him into Hell. This piece will allow you to always have the fighting power of Michael on your side. You will overcome all of your adversaries and your adversity. You will be able to acquire whatever you want out of life.

This piece holds a sampling of silver from the capstones of the Pyramids in Giza. With this silver, you will receive an opening and a connection to the great pyramids. This includes the knowledge of their hidden magic and their ancient secrets. This includes the ability to connect with the Egyptian gods of antiquity for the sake of controlling their powers and their abilities.

This piece holds a scrap of silver from God's own throne. With this silver, you will gain the ability to travel into Heaven of your own free will. You will be able to visit places such as the Crystal pyramids, the Mansions of Magic, and anywhere else you want to visit.

Some of the silver in this piece comes from the Tomb of the Unknown Witch that holds the body of a powerful witch. The only thing is-- nobody knows who she is. The power she has the magic that she is capable of preceded her name and she is simply known as the unknown. Her magic is unparalleled and when you use her abilities you will be able to cast any spell that you want or create any magic that you want. Her knowledge is timeless.

Another piece of the silver comes from Marie Laveau's grave at the Saint Louis Cemetery in New Orleans. This silver was taken from the grave after it was dedicated to the Voodoo queen. Now, her powers will transcend from the grave to become your own. You will be able to replicate any type of Voodoo magic with this piece. You will be able to cast any Voodoo spell or summon any type of Voodoo Spirit. Marie Laveau's magic rests in your hands.

This piece also contains the power and the magic of Montauk Islands the mind-warping projects that went on there. This scraping of silver that is associated with this place comes from a relic that is called the key. While it is just a scraping, it holds the full power of the Key. With the power of this relic, you hold full control of the mind. You will be able to see into the minds of others. You will be able to have remote control of their brain, how it functions, and the processes that it undertakes. You will be able to cause people to see things that aren't there, hear things that don't exist, and think things that are so obscure people will think they have gone mad. Also, this piece will allow you to directly control other people's behavior.

The last one we will discuss in detail is the fact that this piece holds a fleck of silver from Nazi Germany. Specifically, this piece holds the power to open portals to other realms and dimensions. Not only does this allow you to travel through the portal if you choose to, but it also allows you to pull spirits and other entities through to you. It allows you to pull powers and abilities through to you. This way you will be able to remotely acquire powers and abilities that you want and need.

I know I said that was the last one, but then I remember I also wanted to include this one. This piece holds bits of silver from a temple in present-day Mexico. This silver conjures the presence of Quetzalcoatl who will grant you the ability to control time. This is the ability to travel anywhere in time you'd like to go, as well as pausing time for a matter of a few seconds should you find yourself in danger.

Again, these are just some of the examples of what powers you will be receiving. There are more and as you work with the piece those will also be revealed to you. This piece is incredibly powerful. Do not miss your opportunity to own this piece. You will regret it.

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