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She Who Wears the Stars

She Who Wears the Stars

SKU: 7262110

This is a beautiful necklace done in sterling and malachite. 

We call this piece she who wears the stars. Of course, there isn’t a she with this piece. She refers to an embodiment of spiritual energy that exists at the center of our zodiac. You can think of it as a brain that holds the knowledge necessary for the powers of the zodiac to exist. It is also a batter that keeps the whole thing running. By “the whole thing” I mean the orbit of the constellations themselves. We call this divine energy “she” because it is very effeminate, but also very powerful like a woman who knows what she wants in life. That doesn’t mean this power isn’t for a man, though. It’s for anybody who wants the embrace the powers of the universe.  

We call her the one who wears the stars, but she is the driving force behind the stars. In our belief, she was set into effect by God when he created the constellations-- to keep them going, to keep them in orbit, to keep them sacred, and to keep them powerful. Ancient astrologers have suggested that these signs along with other celestial bodies such as the moon and planets have a pull on human consciousness and can affect how a human feels, thinks, emotes, etc. They aren’t wrong.  

Some think astrology is Satanic, but it isn’t. God needed people of all types for different things, so he set these energies on a collision course specifically for that purpose-- so the energies of how the planets and stars align can dictate who you will become. It’s all a giant machine with recipes on how to build things. Each of us is meticulously created on purpose at a particular time for a particular reason. That’s not evil, it’s called Destiny and the Hand of God.  

Certain hidden forms of white light magic have been set into the constellations by God for humans to better their own life. Healing, immortality, the Christ Consciousness, wealth and abundance, divine destiny, even the ability to travel to Heaven and another divine place such as the Garden of Eden or the Ark of the Covenant. All this and more is written in the stars. Not to mention, the stars are a roadmap that holds revelatory powers to what will happen at the End Times and Beyond.  

So you see, the stars are just giant gaseous balls like the scientific community would have you believe. They are energies that dictate destiny. They are energies that hide ancient magic that was intended to be for us, created by God. They are energies that tell the history and the story of the universe and mankind. In the right formulation, these energies can allow you to create any kind of magic that you want, including the magic that I mentioned above. Psychic awakening, mind control, astral travel, etc.  

She who wears the stars might not be an actual she at all, but it is a driving force that will reveal many secrets of the universe and allow you to come into a vast network of magic, all while being able to create your own. This piece is extremely powerful and should be treated as such.
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