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Sirenic Seduction

Sirenic Seduction

SKU: 4202144


We call this piece Sirenic Seduction and it does exactly what the name suggests.  When wearing this piece your body will give off pheromones.  These pheromones will hit the nostrils of those around you, causing them to become highly suggestible to your advances.  You will be able to have your pick of the litter, regardless of where you are at.  

This piece gives you sexual energy and ability that will allow you to provide deep, powerful orgasms that come from deep within the soul and spread through the entire body in one quivering sensation.  

On top of that, this piece will give you good discernment to be able to tell if the person you are going home with will be unsavory, will cause your problems or worse will give you the gift that keeps on giving.  This way, you can pick a decent person. 
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