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Six Picks of Extreme Magic

Six Picks of Extreme Magic

SKU: 3921024

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This piece was created with a smokeless flame.  It was hand-created by a Warlock who calls Romania his home.  It is glass and sterling silver.  He adheres to the "Old Book" of magic, which is a book of magic that has been handed down from generation to generation within a very tight-knit and powerful group of witches and warlocks in Romania.   The locals know them as "the Tribes", which could either be a term of annoyance because they are afraid of what their power could do them.  

Either way, the Warlock created this piece with the smokeless flame.  Although djinn is usually the spirit that is born of the smokeless flame, it can also birth magic.  In this case, the Warlock has fortified six powerful forms of magic into this piece.  Each of the beads holds different energy that will give you a different type of magic.  Below are the forms of magic this piece will give to you.  l

1.)  Wealth generation-- this piece will generate wealth in all forms for you.

2.)  Youth and Vitality-- this piece will recharge you.  It will give you youthful vibes and it will make you feel recharged, refreshed, and ready to go.

3.)  Longevity-- this piece will assure you live a long, happy, and prosperous life, free from health troubles.  

4.)  Enlightenment-- this is a universal enlightenment that will allow you to be able to access the cosmos for its energies, so you can use them to create your own abilities

5.)  Spirit Calling-- this is the ability to call forth any spirit of your choice for communication and/or acquisitions of knowledge and power

6.)  Astral Binding-- this binds the powers of the astral planes to you, which will allow you to travel them in any form that you want, whenever you want.
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