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Skull  OF Sidon!

Skull OF Sidon!



Pictures coming tomorrow. Or now since it’s today, in the morning. My eyes are shutting, one for men and one for women

This is going to be very interesting! I’m going to take you through the history of immortality and groups who have found the secret to it. Shine and later on Tomer have found this. Now there is a very much hidden, yet out in the open group who does this. I’m going to start with the Freemason symbols.

Immortality is displayed in so much of their symbolism. Starting with the snake. The snake also used for the Knights Templar which will often be next to the skull means life AND resurrection. When the snake is following its tail it means immortality has been achieved.

The Sprig of Acacia this also represents immortality. The Acacia tree grew on the grave of Hiram Abbif his death was said to give life to the tree. Residing in Solomons temple was the Alter of the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, these too were made of Acacia wood. Acacia wood was also what was used in Christ’s crown of thorns. All representing immortality. But hold on because it gets very interesting!

Pomegranates symbolize rebirth, fertility, raising the dead ( we will get into that!) and used in a raising ceremony.

The Pentagram is symbolizing the five wounds of Christ. This too is again symbolic of raising the dead.

The great pyramid! This again is resurrection because the Pharaoh was to rise and join another world. The pyramid also is a considered a sacred temple to some and with it being constructed using sacred geometry it holds a high significance to Masons. The 3 degrees is birth, death and resurrection. When they are reborn they are embodied with the ancient mysteries of the universe.

The inverted triangle. Well that’s not good! The Freemasons used it in secret concentration camps that most people have no idea about! The inverted triangle was first used for people who both spoke out against Freemasonry and those who were considered undesirable.

Sir Isaac Newton was no clean bird either! There is a lot to be said for him! He was studying alchemy and 007. 007 is devised from sacred geometry and means the perfect man. The perfect man however is born, dies and comes back as himself and what he looked like. Golden Eye and Gold Finger references in James Bond movies but has a much different meaning in the occult. Golden Eye is the alchemist and Gold Finger is what happens to the finger when engaging in that magic. Newton used the Bible looking for the codes to ancient magic and it IS in there!

Moving on to the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. In the 17th century. They were believed to be both immortal and invisible. It was through them that the secrets of immortality were passed to the Freemasons. Their symbol for immortality is the Rose. Their founder Christian Rosencreutz had rituals to raise people from the dead. When someone was buried it was a cross with a Rose across it. This meant they would rise from the tomb. The other meaning was that they held the secret of immortality.

Does anyone notice the name Christian Rosencreutz? Think Georgia Guidestones. So, would you wonder if he is immortal? Take it back a little farther. Could he also be Saint Germain or is that a stretch? Or are there many more immortal people than you are aware of? What society strictly helps people gain immortality? You will soon find out! But first little more info. Here is part of a quite scary ritual. Not because it’s performed but because you, the peasant is left out. Then you need to wonder why? Is it because peasants are needed to slave for the elites? Is it because there is a ritual where human flesh is eaten? Is it because you are kept dumbed down so that you never excel? I think, I know it’s everything I said. One more, did they get access to the Watchers who set up home in the Sphinx on Mars? Did they set you up home here. An ancient before Earth was created a race of those who know all the secrets? Well, well, it seems things go deep! Here is the one ritual. Read carefully all of this below.

1- Continue to listen to the voice of nature, which bears witness, that even in this perishable frame resides a vital and immortal principle, which inspires a holy confidence that the Lord of Life will enable us to trample the king of terrors beneath our feet…

2-what is the raiding ceremony of a Master Mason? I will tell you but first it stems the tomb of Christian Rosencreutz who’s tomb was opened and found empty! This was also considered the opening of the universe to gain all power and knowledge. When a Mason comes into the Lodge to be made a Master, there is a Brother laid down in the Place where you are to lie, with his Face all covered with Blood; and they say to you, Brother, don’t be frighten’d, for one of our Brothers is kill’d, because he would not deliver the Master’s Word and Gripe to Three Fellow-Crafts, that had no Right to it; and it is the Duty of us all so to do; to die before we will deliver any Part of Masonry to them that have no Right to it. When you kneel down to receive the Obligation the supposed dead Man lies behind you; and while you are reading the Obligation and History of his Death, he gets up unknown to you, and you are laid down in his Place…

Finally the Theatre of Necromancy!

The theatre of necromancy presented within the third degree ritual produces excellent dramatic effect, the death and rebirth of the Master Mason symbolising the endless search for lost ancient knowledge. But in s it nothing but drama? Now we must bounce back to the Knights Templar.

The skull and crossbones very likely represented necromancy themes within the medieval Knights Templar order. The legend of the ‘Skull of Sidon’ reveals the story of a Templar Knight who had a relationship with a woman. The woman died, and as to consummate the relationship, the Templar Knight dug up the woman’s grave, and made love to her, which resulted in the birth of a son nine months later. This bizarre birth came in the form of a skull and crossbones which protected the Knight and endowed him with magical powers.

Have you heard of the Society of the Skull of Sidon? Of course not! It’s hidden in plain sight within various known secret societies! It comes down to the opening of a Templar Tomb, opening Christian R’s tomb to allow the flow of the WATCHERS secrets out to only certain people!

The necromancy traditions within the Templar movement are also reminiscent of the tale of the raising of Noah by his three sons who are searching for his secret knowledge. The attainment of gaining lost knowledge from the dead was a popular theme during the seventeenth century, with biblical references to the raising of the dead being well known. With notorious necromancers such as John Dee practising their art so openly, the search for the lost knowledge of the ancients became an exploration into the realms of the dark arts. Again John Dee, the man who understood the language of angels wasn’t speaking to just any type of angel! He was speaking to the Watchers!

Where do Shine and Tomer come in? Tomer is Geryon from way back! Together they are dual so one secret may be passed to another. And so they did! Both can if they want operate on dual. Tomer stays on the light but his items are dual. Duality is human.

What was used to make this great piece of immortality and everything you need to reach it? Money in abundance, intelligence, control over your emotions, the opening of the universe to gain all you need to know about ancient hidden knowledge. Of course immortality! Let’s not forget the Skull of Sidon! The Skull of Sidon held all the powers of the Watchers, Ark of the Covenant. There is more not mentioned like the power to become immortal. This is definitely a rare piece to have both Tomer and Shine make it. Comparing anything to these two pieces would be crazy! You just won’t get them again!

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