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Snake Eyes-- Antique Wealth Maker

Snake Eyes-- Antique Wealth Maker

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This piece once belonged to a quirky little Irish fellow who very proudly called himself Snake Eyes McCreery.  Of course, that name was only given to him later in life when he acquired this piece.  Born of Irish-Catholic origins, Snake Eyes' mom sent him to American with his uncle at an early age.  While his Uncle ended up working for next to nothing on the railroad, Snake Eyes had something better in mind.  The whole five feet something of him marched in Hell's Kitchen and all but demanded a job from a mob boss named Duley Double.  He had other aliases, as well, but this is the one we know him as.  

Duley Double was quite bemused with the squarely Irish kid (by this time he was actually like 15 or 16).  It just so happened that Duley needed somebody taken care of that afternoon and since his henchman was already hot on the tail of somebody else who owed him money, he handed Snake Eyes a gun and told him to go pave his way.  He did.  The mob boss and he shared a pint and the rest, as they say, is history.  In those days he was a very happy drunk, so he was known as Cheery McCreery.  He was a very successful hitman for the mob for quite some time.  Duley even considered him family.  

It wasn't until he was in his late forties or early fifties when he ended up crossing the line.  Snake Eyes was also very into magic.  Most of the time people figured it was Cheery rambling on in a drunken stupor, but not when he talked about the portal.  The portal was something that Snake Eyes accidentally opened.  I told you he was into magic and murder, but he was also very into religions-- kind of like the Boondock Saints, I guess.  He read his Bible nearly every night.

It just so happened that one night he was reading his Bible and he opened up a portal.  The power to open this portal came from the book Matthew through sacred pentameter in the verses describing Jesus getting angry in the temple and referring to it as a Den of Thieves.  The portal Snake Eyes opened allowed him to travel back to that time, which he witnessed firsthand.  While he was there he was greeted by a sorcerer who saw taken aback by the mobster at first, but then saw the opportunity to sell.  He empowered a piece that Snake Eyes was wearing on his tie with an ancient wealth maker power.  Before he had the ability to demand payment from Snake Eyes, the sorcerer table was being overturned and Snake-Eyes returned from the chaos.  

Snake Eye realized what had happened, but didn't fully understand the power in the piece until he began gambling with it.  He wore the piece while playing card, gambling, and other financial ventures such as those, and he always came out on top.  In fact, he was earning so much money that quit doing hit jobs altogether for the mob.  This didn't sit well with Duley and his people.  They began questioning his loyalty.  They were also sick of him taking all of their money every time they'd have a card game or something of that sort.

Gambling was illegal in those days, but in New Jersey, there were ample underground gambling clubs.  They were like speakeasies where'd you go to drink, gamble, maybe shack up with a girl for the night.  Snake Eyes gained quite a reputation because of his inability to lose.  He gained such a reputation that people began suspecting him of cheating.  Look, we don't know what exactly happened to Snake Eyes.  Either Duley Double and his boys got him or an unhappy speakeasy owner got him.  Somebody got him and as they said in those days, he went swimming with the fish.  His legacy came to a tragic end, but the magic that he had in his piece lived on.  

Deedee got this from an unspecified source.  She has connections, which is all you really need to know about this piece.  This piece is antique and the dice are bakelite.  They can be turned and moved to any number you want.  Snake Eyes McCreery chose to go with snake eyes, but you can choose whatever you want.  The piece was originally given to Snake Eyes by his uncle with whom he came to America.  It wasn't until later in life the piece was empowered.  Alas, the piece still holds that same power.  This piece can be used as a tie clip or a money clip.  You choose.  

This piece is a wealth maker and when you use it the energies in this piece will make unlimited wealth for you based on how you live your life.  For example, if you are in the casino you will gain wealth that way.  If you are at work and you are making investments, you will make great returns on them.  If you like to be in sports, this piece will help you win, no matter what the odds are.  If you like to play the lottery, this piece will help you win-- maybe not the first time you play, but this piece will definitely help you after it has time to connect with you.  
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