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Society of Skins

Society of Skins

SKU: 7182112

We have this piece that we acquired from a group called the Society of the Skins.  Basically, how this group operates is the following.  In ancient times there were a limited number of immortal werewolves.  These wolves existed only in spirit form.  In order to carry out their business in spirit form the needed a human host.  Most of the time these huma hosts came unwillingly.  That is, until the socciety of the skins came along.  They willingly took on the pelts of the werewolf, transitioning from human to man-beast whenever the weresolves wanted to go about their business on Earth.  

The thing about only transitionig during a full moon did not apply to the society of the skin, as their wolves oly existed in spirit form.  However, the wolves did gain their ancient magic from the powers the of the full moon, so oftentimes the members of the society would be seen lurkig in the woods and fields of nearby villages on ights of a full meon and even on nights of waning or waxing moon.  

The original wolf spirits, as shapeshiftig is sometihn that has killed a lot of peopl of th yearg were created through something called the Writs of the Wolf and were created by the ancient Sumerians as a way to combine the best attributes of man and wolf.  The strengtha nd agility of the wolf, with the humanity of man was the goal, but it went awry and this is the result.  

This piece will give you what is galled a soul pelt.  When you wear this piece you agre to wearing the soul pelt.  Of course, it's entirely invisible and you won't feel a thing.  Having said that, the wolf that is held i your piece gets to share body from time to time.  It works differently, thought, as you will still maintain control of your own body, because we have modified the piece to be like that.  

With this pice you will get the change forms only on the astral plane.  Sorry, but we have seen way too many accidents where people have come back looking like the Philly experiment.  Howver, you will receive that ancient lunar magic that i was telling you about,  It is a moon sorcery that will you to create any power or ability that you wat.  Or, if you find maigc while you are traversing the astral plane you wll also be able to keep/store that within this piece.  in fact, you will fid that there are a few of them already there.

Oh, one last thing-- the wolf in your piece is named Absalom.
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