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Solar Gems of Power

Solar Gems of Power

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Solar Gems of Power

I love these for what they do. All the stones are real and strung well. I only have two I’m selling. We call these Solar Gems because it’s like having a solar system around your neck. Through that system comes all kinds of goodies. These necklaces also have Agate on them. Originally Agate was the first stone called the evil eye. It was used to remove curses, hexes and bad luck. Most people today don’t even know that. The evil eye curse removal to them looks just like an eye. You can find it on all kinds of jewelry which is used as fashion today. These pieces are not fashion! These are real stones and real power. Let’s talk about what they do.

Everyone has two bodies. Most make use of just one. You have your Earthly body and your spiritual body. With these you will make use of both. When we make use of our second body it’s usually through meditation to get to astral travel. Travel of the spiritual body is at the speed of light. You will get that.

You have four eyes. Two that can only view this Earth and this dimension. The other two are your spirit eyes. These can see into the future and other dimensions.

Your bouncing aura. This is where real thought waves bounce off of. When you have rage it is of course red. This is a different kind of thought wave. These waves are directed where you want them. They can change a rooms energy or cause feelings in others. You can just think as the term thought waves says you can. You must feel! When you feel you can then direct them. These feeling will be magnified to whom you project them onto. I know people are going to ask about wealth and if they can project it onto themselves. The answer is yes but with it comes a headache. Not a migraine but a slight short lived ache.

Why I think of these as a solar system and where they came from. I call them solar systems because every planet except Pluto is represented in each necklace. The reason Pluto isn’t here is because of when these were made. Each planet that is represented comes with the special attributes of each planet. No bad was brought to the necklace. I should say that those energies weren’t cultivated like the good was. Where these came from. I have four, I’m only selling two. These came from a well known Jesuit. Years ago I promised not to say who they came from and even though he has passed now, I must keep that a secret.

The one thing I can tell you they were used for previously is very interesting. The spiritual body travel was used to see where certain demons were coming from or living? I honestly forget that part. It’s also probably nothing you guys would be interested in. The other thing I know the guy used them for was to project pain onto the spirit of demons. These were the only thing he found that could do that. He knew everything these could do wealth, etc but he didn’t use them for that. You can use them for what you want. If you do ritual magic these are really good for that because of the planetary use.

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